Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top Ten Authors I Need to Read Again!

Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This Week's Topic:
Top Ten Underrated Books in X Genre
01. Sarah Latchaw
  • I loved Hydraulic Level Five and I've been on my toes waiting for the sequel (which doesn't happen!) but I still haven't read Skygods.
02. Megan McCafftery

  • I read and loved Sloppy Firsts but I have yet to continue with the Jessica Darling series. I will fix that ASAP.
03. Robin Benway

  • I loved Audrey, Wait but I still didn't start Also Known As. This is weird because SPIES!
04. Cath Crowley

  • Graffiti Moon is a special, special book but why haven't I bought Crowley's other books? I will fix this asap!
05. Shelley Coriell

  • Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe is one of my all time favorites books and I waited for Coriell's next novel, Goodbye, Rebel Blue to deliver to my doorstep and then... nothing. I didn't read it. Seriously, this is a problem.
06. Stacey Jay

  • I was not interested in Jay's Juliet Immortal series but after reading Of Beast and Beauty, which is just beyond beautiful and spectacular, I'm going to binge read all of Jay's books.
07. Karina Halle

  • Love, In English is one effed up book but I LOVED it and I want more of the screwed up relationship. 
08. Gabrielle Prendergast

  • Audacious is the verse novel with a character I always wanted to read it about so I really need to get it together and read the sequel, Capricious.
09. Elena K Arnold

  • I loved Burning and while Arnold's other books are not contemporary, I still want to give them a try.
10. Andra Brynn

  • So this one is different because Andra Brynn doesn't have a book out beside Where I End and You Begin (LOVE!!!) but I am DESPERATE for one. 
So are any of these a priority that I need to read NOW? Or any particular book recommendation from them?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Top Ten Underrated Books in Contemporary YA + NA

Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This Week's Topic:
Top Ten Underrated Books in X Genre
If you're a fan of contemporary YA and haven't read they contemporary YA books then you're no fan of contemporary YA!
Just kidding.
(not really).
So in NO particular order:

01. Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky if you claim to like realistic YA then you MUST (your life depends on it) read Anatomy of a Boyfriend and Anatomy of a Single Girl. These are REAL, they are RAW and you know what, they might make you uncomfortable but heyyyy, reality sometimes makes us uncomfortable. I want more YA books like this. They deal with realistic EVERYDAY aspects of a teen life, it doesn't have to be tragic.

02. Burning by Elana K Arnold: this book is so unique and I want more YA books like it. Average American teen boy. Romani girl. Romance. What will happen?

03. Out of Reach + There Will Come a Time by Carrie Arcos: these are subtle books but they pack a whole lotta punch and tears. Carrie Arcos is a rockstar and made her way to my favorite author list with just two books (I'm usually hesitant to call authors favorites unless I read 3+ more books by them. Arcos only has 2 novels published so far.)

04. There You'll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones: if I had to rate my ALL TIME FAVORITE YA BOOKS EVER, There You'll Find Me will be #4, give or take. READ THIS BOOK. READ THIS BOOK. READ. THIS. BOOK. It's a beautiful, moving book. It's set it in Ireland too so what are you waiting for? (the audio is also excellent)

05. OCD Love Story by Corey Ann Haydu: this is a big SURPRISE, BITHC! book. You think it will be cute and funny thanks to the title and cover but OH MAN, it will make you hella uncomfortable, so uncomfortable it actually made me sob. Round of applause to Haydu! Please buy her books.

06. Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas: My mission in life is to get EVERYONE to read Dangerous Girls. It is contemporary buts its a mystery/thriller that will leave you brain fucked. Read it. Be shocked. Love it. Amen.

07. The Chapel Wars by Lindsey Levitt: Vegas! Chapels! Rivalry! Family! Fabulous Dialogue! ROMANCE! Friends! Laughs!!!! Everyone should read this book, especially if you want something cute but with so much heart and substance.

08. Audacious by Gabrielle Prendergast: this verse novel is no joke. It's bold and I bet it will make people uncomfortable. That's why I love it. Heh.

09. Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe by Shelley Coriell: if you liked Lola and Boy Next Door, Welcome, Caller is INFINITELY better. Yeah. I went there. Boom.

10. The Nature of Jade by Deb Caletti: this one is an oldie which is maybe why I think it's underrated but ZOMG. Elephants! A teenager dad!  

Cheating section: underrated NA
If you want different-y NA, then I'M HERE FOR YOU, GIIIIRL!
01. Where I End and You Begin by Andra Brynn: y'all, READ. THIS. BOOK. Seriously. Seriously. Seriously. Just read it, ok? If I could make you read 3 books (I can't say 1, because that would be Dangerous Girls) Where I End and You Begin would be one of them. If you want something more from NA, this book is FOR YOU. 

02. First Comes Love, Second Chance and Finally, Forever by Katie Kacvinsky this is an NA series that follows the same couple and I bet you can read all three fabulous books in one day. 

03. Secret for a Song by S.K. Falls: this book is not for everyone. It is not. But if you can handle reading about Munchausen Syndrome and respect this disorder, then get on it.

04. Boomerang by Noelle August: I wrote a review AND a made a fabulous graphic on why you should read this book. Basically funny, sweet and sexy and worth your few bucks.

05. What Scotland Taught Me and Relatively Honest by Molly Ringle: this are two NA books that came out before NA became a thing so they're definitely different from your average NA book. 
So have you read any of these and agree/disgaree? Did you anything (or everything) to your tbr? make my day and tell me!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cover Reveal: Everly After by Rebecca Paula

Everly After by Rebecca Paula
Expected publication date: October 21st, 2014
Contemporary romance NA
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All truths burn bright and clear. I’m still waiting in the dark.

Everly Monteith has traded her life of glitter, parties, and self-destruction for waiting tables in a busy Parisian cafĂ© after college graduation. She’s put the tragedy that sent her across the Atlantic behind her—until her toxic ex shows up and sends her reeling once more. Her delicate grip on a future begins slipping away, before a smug British war correspondent crashes her party and refuses to let her live hiding behind oversized sunglasses. But falling for Beckett means letting down her guard, something that might pull them both into the dark. 

There are beautiful lies in this world, and it takes me being chased through a hallway at a rave to decide this girl is one of them. But even the most beautiful lies aren’t worth chasing.

Twenty-five year-old Beckett Reid is forced into sabbatical after he’s kidnapped while on assignment in Afghanistan. Back in Paris and struggling with PTSD, he locks himself away to work on a novel while recovering and save his budding journalism career. But when he meets an enigmatic American heiress, his plans of laying low are quickly forgotten. He craves the energy and danger of war zones and realizes Everly is the perfect replacement, even if she does leave glitter on everything he owns. Reckless and wild, she runs through life making more mistakes than anyone he’s met, but Beckett is determined to fight for her, even if he must face the messy truth that to do so means fighting for himself first.
Rebecca Paula is my Twitter friend, we bonded over a feminist convo and historical romance and OMG I'M SO EXCITED TO REVEAL HER DEBUT NOVEL COVER AND I'M SO EXCITED TO READ IT TOO!!!! Hello, its set in PARIS, so even if Rebecca wasn't my hoomie, I would be hella excited for Everly After

About the author:
It began with a boy who survived a plane crash in the wilderness.I discovered my love of writing during a fifth grade writing assignment for Hatchet. After that, I knew I wanted to be a writer. Always the hopeless romantic, I write late Victorian and Edwardian historical romances as well as contemporary New Adult romances.I am a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), as well as the New Hampshire chapter (NHRWA) and the New England chapter (NECRWA). I contribute regularly to the Modern Belles of History blog, a site dedicated to writing, reading, and researching 20th century women’s historical fiction. When I’m not writing, I’m most likely reading or daydreaming about my next travel adventure. I live in New Hampshire with my husband and our cat, Bella.
Rebecca Paula is being awesome and offering a fun giveaway but pshhh, don't enter because I want to win ;D
So, what do you think of the cover? Is this an NA that you will add to your TBR?