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[Review] Titan Magic by Jodi Lamm

Title: Titan Magic
Author: Jodi Lamm
Published: September 30th 2011
Genre: Fantasy, Mythology.
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Rating: ★★★★
Goodreads summary:
Mute, heartless, and tormented by auditory hallucinations, Madeleine Lavoie never questions why her family has hidden her from the world. But the night her brother casts her out, she learns the mysterious voice she thought existed only in her mind is no delusion, and no matter how hard she tries, she can never disobey it.

Now Madeleine must find her own voice in a cacophony of powerful tyrants, monsters, and gods. If she fails, she will forfeit her life and the lives of everyone who loves her. But if she succeeds, she may finally gain the ability to love someone in return.
Emma's thoughts:

I was drawn into this book from the very first line of the summary. Mute and mad, Madeleine Lavoie has lived her entire life confined to bedposts in her room. Her life is not what she believed it to be...

To say I was so excited to read this after the first chapter(here) may be an understatement. Mythology is something I absolutely adoooore. I think it's absolutely magical that Jodi took something that NOBODY has tried to recreate and made it into something beautiful! I shall bow down to Jodi for making me see golems with a totally new perspective. Because honestly, when was the last time you read an amazing story about golems?! Those clunky, clay things? This is what I love most about reading mythology. We've all had those long, droning history lessons about Greeks, Romans, and whatnot. But really, history's about the way you interpret it. So here's a fascinating interpretation of golems!

The heartbreaking moment when Maddy learns about her true nature, I just wanted to wrap her in a hug and assure she's just as human as any of us! Her creator/master, Jas, is one aggravating and confusing character. No, actually Marcus, Jas, and Eli are confusing. Their motivation and reasoning is just a shocker, really. I never knew what to expect out of this book. It just kept turning and turning and at the end, I was just left... flabbergasted.

All in all, Will Taylor was my favourite character. He's so sweet and and true gentleman. Oh and Marcus.. Marcus, Marcus, Marcus..! He's just...! I really love what Jodi did with his character! Yes, I got extremely confused throughout the book about Marcus, her supposed brother, but it made sense. It had me going: 'YES. I GET IT NOW!' because it was just such an ingenious twist to the book!

It was a such pleasure to read this book, to be introduced to this new way of looking at clay creatures. I think this will be one of those book I'll end up thinking about in the middle of class, contemplating the way I look at things now. I can't wait to see else Jodi has up her sleeve!

I recommend this to: Anyone who loves mythology with a twist!

Rating: 4 stars~ Books like these make the impossible seem possible♥

Tonight, no matter what the voice said, Madeleine Lavoie would not listen to it, she would not sympathize with it and, most importantly, she would not obey it.
 " makes people stupid. It doesn't matter whether the person you love could ever love you back. You'll still follow them everywhere. You'll still do anything for them."
"Nonsense. She's just a gorgeous piece of clay. You know that as well as I do."
Thanks to the author for a free copy of this ebook in exchange for my honest review!

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