Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tune In Tuesday [4]: Safetysuit

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I absolutely adore Safetysuit (I know Ginger does too from her twitter ;D)! I discovered them in the strangest way. I was youtubing SYTYCD dances two years ago when I came across a contemporary number to Find A Way by Safetysuit. The funny thing is, they didn't actually dance to the song, someone just decided to play it over the original! I can't find it anymore though, sigh...

So there's not really a single song of theirs I don't like. My most played is Gone Away at 457 plays. It's such a sad song and still brings tears to my eyes occasionally, but I can't ever get enough of it♥

Anyways, that's all on the old album. Onto the NEW album!

Words cannot explain how much I love this right now! I've been listening to this for three days straight, and probably will for the next month.. Song of the moment? You Don't See Me. I listen to Staring At It all day at school (over 100 plays), and occasionally Stranger

Believe was my song for The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. Every time I hear it now, I think of that awesome book!

What I absolutely love about Safetysuit is that every time I listen to them, I feel this strange urge to create. Their early album, I wrote a bajillion meaningless stories, and These Times, I'm drawing and drawing, and still drawing! It's crazy! I feel so inspired :)

And, watch this: 

All their songs are worth checking out, so just take a few minutes and search them up! :)


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