Sunday, April 15, 2012

Teen Book Con 2012 Recap

Hey guys, so Emma might live all the way in Australia, but I, Racquel, live on the other side of the world: Houston, TX. So when I found out about Teen Book Con, I was beyond excited because I knew I would FIGHT to the DEATH to go and I did end up going. It was all kinds of AWE-SOMENESS!

Out of six panels, I only went to two (I stayed at each one twice) The Reality Bites panel & Is Love Enough? panel. I kinda wanted to go to the Adults are Overrated panel BUT Orson Scott Cards, who was the main guest speaker of Teen Book Con 2012, was a part of it and that made me not go. When I was listening to Cards keynote speech, which every author attended, I was rolling my eyes the entire time. I am not a fan of him, he was rude and was stereotyping people.

Jesse Andrews, author of Me, Earl & the Dying Girl. He was part of the Reality Bites panel.
 He's absolutely funny and cute and just overall awesome! He's definitely one of those people you meet and are like "let's be friends!"

 Ginger @ Greadsbooks!
If you follow the blog, you'll know both Emma & I do a lot of Ginger's features<3

 Siobhan Vivian author of The List, part of the Reality Bites panel.
OH MY GOD, she's the BEST person EVER. Seriously. Truly inspiring & an overall great person. Her answers to the questions she was asked were wonderful and ahh she made my day<3

Robin Mellom author of Ditched: A Love Story, part of the Is Love Enough? panel.
 I read Ditched & I absolutely LOVED it, I finished it in a few hours and I laughed at every page so meeting the great author behind the great book is so so so fantastic!

Jess @ Gone With the Words.
This is like meeting a celebrity for me because Jess has been like a blogging mentor that I look up to! When I found out about the book blogging community, her blog is one of the first one's I followed!

Marissa Meyer, Author of Cinder part of the Dystopia Rising panel.
She's such a doll<3

Other authors & bloggers I met but didn't have the chance to take a picture with:

The  Reality Bites panel authors:
when someone asked about the reserch the authors put into their book and Sepetys answered, I wanted to cry. It was truly heart breaking what she had to go through and she's truly an inspiring figure.

She's HI-LAR-IOUS. Enough said. 

 McMann wrote fantasy before Dead to You, so it was nice seeing realistic contemporary thorough her eyes.

The  Is Love Enough? panel authors:
HOLY COW, this lad is extremely, out of the world funny. She made me tear up from laughing so hard!

She was sitting in front of me at the Is Love Enough? panel and the entire 45 minutes I was like SHE LOOKS SO FAMILIAR! Until I figured it out, haha. Also, she has some kick ass tattoos, just saying! 

Jess introduced me to her since she was with her. It was so lovely meeting her! 
So when is Teen Book Con 2013? I'm there! Also, did you attend this TBC? I'll love to chat with you about it :D

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