Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday Barbie

Today is a special day for us here at The Book Barbies because 
it's EMMA'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
Her birthday is May 23, it's not the 23 here is the US but it is in Australia!
So I would like to take the time and tell Emma:
  • How much I freakin' LOVE you!! You might live literally across the globe from me but you can seriously have an internet best friend. I know if I met you in real life, we would *CLICKK* that easily!! I couldn't ask for a better co-blogger because were not only friends but we have a pretty similar tastes in books, writing, music, friends and just generally EVERYTHING!! Were co-bloggers and better yet, friends made in heaven :D 
 I love you this much:

So I hope your day is fabulous and always member, 
you're THIS fan-fuckin-tastic:
So everyone BETTER wish Emma happy birthday!!!!
(Or I'm coming after you!! mwhahaha)

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