Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blog Tour: |Review| From Fame to Shame by Veronica Blade

I'm part of the From Fame to Shame by Veronica Blade book blog tour hosted by WYS Book Tours and I have a review of the book for you :D

Title: From Fame to Shame
Author: Veronica Blade 
Published April 2012 by Crush Publishing Inc
Genre: YA contemporary, romance
Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥
125 pages
Goodreads summary:
When good-girl Maddie switches places with her famous bad-girl twin Jackie, she has some pretty high stilettos to fill.

Despite the danger of tabloid drama if their identity swap is discovered, Maddie has to save her sister's butt. When Jackie’s ex-boyfriend shows up with a rekindled spark for “Jackie,” his deep gray eyes and sweet kisses make Maddie's heart thumpety thump. But dating the guy who dumped her sister is a no-no. Too bad Dallas isn’t used to girls saying no. What will happen when he discovers Maddie’s deception?
Racquel's thoughts:
From Fame to Shame was just the dose of short, contemporary romance I needed and I do stress short since I was not warned that the book is only 125 pages long (I read the e-book) so I read it in just a few hours!

Maddie visits her mega Hollywood famous twin sister Jackie when she calls telling her to urgently visit. From there Maddie is convinced (and bribed!!) to switch places with Jackie while Jackie relaxes from the pressuring and tiring spotlight.

It was really enjoyable seeing Maddie stumble though her twin's life especially since the entire world is basically involved in that life and there is no room for error on Maddie's part but what was even better is seeing Maddie with Dallas who is Jackie's ex-boyfriend and her across-the-hall neighbor. I'm big on romance, romance makes everything better and yeah I need romance in books so seeing so much of Maddie and Dallas in this short book really made me super happy!! Maddie had to fight her affection because she knew her time with Dallas wasn't going to last and Dallas was happily confused on why exactly he's suddenly very attracted to "Jackie". Their somewhat awkward relationship was great to read about and it was highly cute and enjoyable!

The only thing is, since I didn't know this was such a short book (again, only 125 pages) I felt disappointed with how quick everything went and I wished it was a little bit longer just so the character of Dallas- no matter how much I enjoyed the romance- could have been more developed. But I feel if you know that this is a short novel, you would know what to expect and won't have my problem. Overall though, I still would recommend this book to all contemporary fans and people looking for a quick, enjoyable read since I truly enjoyed reading it myself!

Rating: 3 hearts~ a super quick, romantic read that I highly recommend!
Confirming the apartment number on the door, I inserted the key Jackie mailed me weeks ago and darted inside her condo without knocking.
Maybe I kissed different than Jackie and that’s why he looked confused.
"You've got nothing to worry about. I hear I'm carrying your child."

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