Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Book Barbies V.2

If you haven't noticed, The Book Barbies has gotten a new look!
It went from a pink to a purple theme and we also got a new template.
Once again, THANKS A MILLION to for the custom, super fucking fantastic header + button!
Here is the new button, by the way:

I couldn't find a screen shot the showed the entire layout but I have these pictures if you want a look at the old layout:
and here is the old header:
and the AFTER (if you're too lazy to look at the actual layout yourself :p)!
Now, Racquel and Emma are both high schools girls who don't have a job and barely have enough money for books so an expensive, custom layout is out of the question BUUUUT the good news is, Racquel's cousin is an awesome very talented graphic design student AND she agreed to create a custom template and layout for The Book Barbies (as soon as she finishes her gruesome final exams, wish her luck this Saturday!!) so there will be a The Book Barbies V.3 soon enough ;D
Emma's thoughts:
When Racquel tweeted me to check out our blog, I was certainly not expecting THIS! HOW AMAZING IS THIS?! The colour, the pattern, THE HEADER! I absolutely adored the old header and honestly didn't think there'd be anything to top it. But hey, Amelia does it again! I am so thankful that Racquel put all this time into finding and perfecting this template! I honestly, am completely clueless about layouts and templates and everything... just blows my head up. And so, THANK YOU RACQUEL. She puts so much effort and time into this blog! And I am so excited to see the new Book Barbies layout. I hope you guys love it as much as we do, because ahhhhhhh♥ I couldn't ask for anything better!
Racquel's thoughts:
I loved my old template/layout, I reaaaally did but I love new things even more so I looked all over the internet for months for a cute, free template and every time I found a new, possible one it never worked because they didn't have room for a custom header or there was no way to get the Disqus comments working or just other shenanigans but I've FINALLY stumbled upon the perfect template! I love purple, it's my favorite color and if you ask anybody, they will verify that so of course I absolutely, completely and 100% adore this new softer, purple look. It's so pretty I want to hug my screen♥ I really like how it turned out and I'm pretty sure I'll be sad to watch it go once my cousin creates our custom look. But I do have to give a million, bajillion, gazillion THANKS TO AMELIA for creating out super amazing, beautiful, awesooooome header & buttons. This is girl is MEGA MEGA MEGA talented and she does her graphic for free! She's so good she needs to start charging people, haha.
So now go blow up Amelia's inbox, Twitter, Goodreads & Formspring and tell how AWESOME she is!
Also, along with our brand new look, we're adding two new features to our blog.

Every Monday will be reserved for our IndieMania feature. Essentially, Mondays are now dedicated to everything about indie authors. We will have author interviews, book reviews, and whatever else we can share with you. We both love indie authors and would love to help them to promote and spread the word about their work. So if you're an author and want to be featured, click on the Review Policy/Request tab and hit us up! Similarly, if you have any author suggestions, feel free to comment below or tweet us!

Also, every month we, Racquel and Emma, will read and review the same book as a Double Review (yaaay). If you go back a couple of months, you'll see that we both did a review on The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. Thataway, you'll get the thoughts from the both of us! I personally love reading what other people think about books I've read, so yay :)
So there's that for The Book Barbies V.2! AND WE'RE SO CLOSE TO 300 GFC followers! We appreciate you guys all so much, thank you♥


  1. I LOVE the new layout guys! SO pretty! And you're only 5 off 300!!! Eeee! Xxp

  2. I think it's wicked cute chicks!!! But I thought your last one was way cute too!!