Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tune In Tuesday [11]: Random Playlist

A weekly feature hosted by GReads that showcases music.
This month is the Random Playlists Special Edition. Pick a song at random from your collection to feature! 

Now, I used to think I had an eclectic taste in music, but I actually don't have any 'old' songs. I think, the oldest song I have is actually something from Bon Jovi. And that's from his more recent work. 

But this is the first song I see every time I open up iTunes:
Division - Aly & AJ

It's amazing how many memories are connected to this song. It definitely gives me a strong nostalgic feeling for when I was younger and utterly carefree. At that time, I wouldn't have grasped the meaning of this song. Now I do, kind of. 

My most recently downloaded song though, is:
Glad You Came - The Wanted

So there are my first and last songs in my music library! What are yours?

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