Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Fun: I Love A lot of People

Tell us about your buddy, or even your favorite blog and feature them. You can tell them you are doing it, or you can just surprise them. Either or — it is YOUR turn to feature someone.
Buddy? Singular? YOU CRAAAY CRAAAY!! Psshhh, I'm going to tell you about my buddIES, that's right, MULTIPLE. PLURAL. MANY.  Also these are NOT in order.

I'll start with my co blogger EMMA!! Who I love as much as I love Enrique Iglesias (umm that's a lie. I love Enrique more, sorry. You're still all kinds of awesome :D) She makes my life easier, and I make hers easier. She's my bestest buddy pal and even though she lives in Australia and I live in the US, WE WILL MEET, MY LOVE!! We have similar (somewhat) tastes and she's one of the teens who loves adult as much as me :D and she's an awesome writer. And an awesome person. Her music taste rocks. And she's a perfect friend. I LOVEZZZ YA (as much as Noah love Eva :D)

Also she's taking her first ever final exams so (YOU BETTER!!!) go wish her good luck :D

Moving on to MARY! Who is the one of the nicest people I know, I don't know how she's friends with me :p She probably only puts up with me because I'm one of the few bloggers who prefer contemporary over any other genre. But really, she's mega sweet and I wouldn't be blogging if it wasn't for her.

Next awesome person: HANNAH! Who Mary introduced me to (another reason why I love Mary so much, she introduced me to so many fantastic people... I'm getting to you Celine ;D) and she's a fellow contemporary-is-the-greatest gal. Yaaay us :D Hannah lives in Germany but she's moving to the US for uni, this makes our chances of meeting ever higher! But she's been twitter MIA for a few days, COME BACK TO LIFE, HUNNY BUNS (or twitter...)

GIANNA! Who's a fellow teen blogger (I'm ALWAYS the youngest person in the group or whatever so finding someone my age is like finding treasure) and a complete, total SWEETHEART! I love love loveeeeeeeee her. I'm always talking to her on twitter.

JENNIFER my who used to be my co-blogger. Even though we don't blog together anymore I still talk to her on twitter all the time and I visit her new blog. We co-blogged together for a reason, fantastic people stick together, right?

CELINE or should I say Mrs. Etienne St. Clair. Enough said, right?

SARAH just proves that Australians are the best people ever. She's just so howehfiweh9fu923j$#&(@#nwkfboiqfn2q'hlihdpoewfj <------ that cool. No words for her besides the day you tweeted Mary and I about Fabio is the day you carved your self into my heart. Fabio loverz fa' lyfe (':

JENNIE who's a fellow make up lover! We could chat about anything, me and this girl! and she's super talented. At writing reviews, blog designs and uni (all A's OHH YEAAAH! I'm so happy for her :'D)

PIXIE who's both an author and blogger, I talk to her on twitter EVERYDAY I believe.

KARA is super honest and fun and I love her for that. She tells is like it is. Everyone should be like her.

SAM who's so good at visiting everybody blog ad replying back and talking to people, I don't know how she does it while still reading and reviewing on top of everything!! She's all kinds of sweet and lovely :D

ARI who IS my book soul mate.

MANDEE is another abosultely sweet angel.

AMELIA is the skilled designer behind The Book Barbies header.

JEN <--------- is the reason why I'm high on happiness right now as I type this post. The I'm-so-happy-I-want-to-sob-and-omg-manatees-are-so-ugly-but-cuuute-I-love-life kind of happy. I love her so much I want to hug her and squeeze the life out of her. But she has children so I'll refrain from doing so. But Jen, you really are such a JENuine  person. World peace would exist if everyone was as nice as you♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Very honorable mentions:
I haven't know these ladies as much but I got an awesome radar that goes off like craaazy when I talk to them and visit their blogs :D
♥♥♥♥Sharon, Kayla & Courtney♥♥♥♥
 Bloggers I don't talk to very much but who I appreciate very much and I think everyone else should too:
Giselle is peeeerfeeect. Her blog is perfect, she's perfect, her reviews are perfect her son is the most adorable child in history of children.... perfect I tell ya! Hmm, I wonder how she does it. I don't know why I'm even mentioning since you probably know her xD

Lauren who I think goes above and beyond with her blog. Even when she says she's busy with uni and other things she still always posts reviews and her TotallyBooksessed videos.

Jessica, I LOVE her blog and she's always on top of it.

Jess who also goes about and beyond and she reads adult books too and reviews them. That's always a plus!
Wendy who is the first blogger I looked up too when I jumped onto the book blogging ship. She was a celebrity in my eyes (still kinda is). In my mind she used to be evil because her blog was so awesome. There must be a flaw right? But not really. She's 100% sweet. Another perfect blogger person♥

So I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to go this crazy but whatevs. There is no such thing as too many favorites!! I ALSO LINKED THESE LADIES FOR A REASON! SO YOU CAN FOLLOW THEM AND LOVE THEM AS MUCH AS I DO.

Also, if I talk to you on Twitter then you're pretty much on this list too.

Fun fact (or not really): I'm this annoyingly cheerful in real life too. I tone it down on the blog normally so I don't freak people out but Jen just made me really supaaaaa happy :D

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