Monday, October 15, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday |8|

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke & The Bookish. 
Top Ten Favorite Authors In X Genre (Ex- Top Ten Favorite Science Fiction Authors, Top Ten Fave Contemporary YA authors)
Adult contemporary romance genre:
1) Lisa Kleypas
Favorite: Blue-Eyed Devil
I was going to say that if you do NOT know that Lisa Kleypas is my favorite author AND Blue-Eyed Devil is my favorite book in the universe, just please get off my blog. There is no point you staying here BUT please stay! If you do not know, I have not done my job well enough. I LOVE LISA KLEYPAS AND BLUE-EYED DEVIL IS MY FAVORITE BOOK. Now you know :D (if you didn't know).

2) Julie James 
Favorite: Something About You & A Lot Like Love
Julie James AKA the queen of dialogue. JJ used to be lawyer (she has a lovely video interview where she says "if you ever get sued for a sexual harassment, I'm the person you should talk to" glad to know that!) and all her books have featured a lawyer/fbi agent/or something law enforcement-y so she simply knows what she's writing about and that shines through her books. Her plots are so effortless and just right.  And again, she is the QUEEN of dialogue. Best ever!

3) Jill Shalvis
Favorite: Head Over Heels
When I'm looking for something sweet, humorous, sexy and just plain fun to read, I pick up a Jill Shalvis book.

YA contemporary genre:
4) Jennifer Echols
Favorite: Going Too Far
I've only read Jennifer Echols's romantic drama books which always deliver buisness. They're full of drama and romance (umm, duh) but also dark humor that is so Jennifer Echols And what I also like about Jennifer Echol's books is that they are mature. Just look at Such a Rush. Jennifer Echols's books are just so good I feel like they were written specifically for my enjoyment and satisfaction. I love them THAT much.

5) Sarah Dessen
Favorite: Just Listen
Now if you haven't read any of Sarah Dessen's book I really just do not know what to say! Just Listen and The Truth About Forever are favorites but today, Just Listen as the #1 spot (tomorrow, it might be The Truth About Forever. They're both exceptional.) Sarah Dessen's books are universally good. I think a fan of YA could not die without at least reading one SD book.
6) Melina Marchetta
Favorite: The Pipe's Son 
I jump on the MM bandwagon extra late but boy, good thing I'm now on there! I've only read Saving Francesca and The Pipe's Son but as soon as I finished my first MM book, I knew MM has some serious kick ass talent. Like Sarah Dessen, her books are universally good and MM really knows how to recreate a teen world. I doubt I'll find any author as good as MM anytime soon.
historical romance genre:
7) Lisa Kleypas
Favorite: Devil in winter
Lisa Kleypas again. Of course, that should come as NO surprise. I read my first historical romance novel during the summer so I'm fairly new to the genre but I have been getting my hands on and devouring a lot of historical romance books but the only historical romance author that I have read more than one book for is Lisa Kleypas and Devil in Winter is just left-me-speechless good. Just spectacular.
So 7 authors are good enough to list, especially since these are also my all time top favorite authors and their books are just great, no matter what they are! Thanks for stopping by :D

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