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Friday Five: Bridgertons Series Edition |#02|

The blog has been dead but for a good reason! Sharon has found a new obsession: Doctor Who (and she just started school) and I started the Bridgertons series and I cannot stop. Absolutely cannot. So I'm sharing with you mini reviews of the first five books in the Bridgertons Series. Seriously, I'm OBSESSED with it.


Published: January 5th 2000 by Avon
Rating: B-

Published: December 5th 2000 by Avon
Rating: C+
Thoughts: this book as soon as I finished because it's Anthony's book and I couldn't wait to see what Quinn had in store for him and I'm happy to report back that was delightful but it really was delightful. I was wondering who Julia Quinn was going to pair Anthony with since he made a big impression in but Quinn knows her characters best and Kate Sheffield was just perfect for the "rake" Anthony. If possible, the relationship between Anthony and Kate had even more chemistry than

“The ranks of society are once again filled with Ambitious Mamas, whose only aim is to see their Darling Daughters married off to Determined Bachelors.”


Published: July 1st 2001 by Avon
Rating:  C
Thoughts: is a Cinderella retelling and while I think all retellings are quite awesome, there is just something about Cinderella retellings that I love. The Cinderella plot is quite sweet and so is this story. Benedict has been the least mentioned Benedict struggles with being just "Bridgerton Number 2" instead of having an actual identity like Anthony or Colin. 

Sophie was a lovely heroine and I was rooting for her from page one. Her and Benedict were very well suited (of course!) and this book possessed the charm and wit of the previous two books that is making me obsessed with this series. Also, kudos to Benedict for not going out and getting drunk when him and Sophie hit a rough patch. That truly made him a hero in my eyes and I dare say even better than Anthony and Simon (heroes who go and get drunk when they "lose" they're woman piss me off. Man up, you pussy! Hardy Cates is excluded from this though. Ha.)
His name was Benedict Bridgerton, he had seven brothers and sisters, was rather skilled with both a sword and a sketching crayon, and he always kept his eyes open for the one woman who had touched his soul.”
Published: July 2nd 2002 by Avon
Rating: B-
Thoughts: Colin, Colin, Colin. I definitely was most excited to read his book from the moment he was introduced in the first book. Colin is just so charming (he really is despite the fact that he hates that title) and in my opinion, the brother with the most common sense (he doesn't jump into fights like Anthony and Benedict). Colin is paired up with Penelope who was introduced in the previous books as a shy girl who's dressed in the most ill suiting dresses for her and men go out of their way to avoid her and her Ambitious Mama. However Penelope is bestfriends with Eloise, Colin's sister and she and Colin have a friendship of sorts since he's one of the few people who are friendly to her. I loved Penelope. She might have been shy, men might avoid her but she knew herself.
"Deep inside, she knew who she was, and that person was smart and kind and often funny, but somehow her personality got lost somewhere between her heart and her mouth,"
I love confident and badass heroines but these shy heroines who don't pity themselves? They most definitely fall under the badass category. Colin and Penelope are perfect for each other and even though the book begun with Penelope describing the moment when she fell in love with Colin she always accepted the fact that it will always be unrequited love so it was nice to see the friendship between the two and Colin as he grew to notice Penelope more than a friend. It was quite sweet!
"And so, on an otherwise unremarkable Friday afternoon, in the heart of Mayfair, in a quiet drawing room on Mount Street, Colin Bridgerton kissed Penelope Featherington. And it was glorious.”
One thing I didn't like about this book is the end and how perfectly it wrapped up. It was way too smooth and happily ever after especially after unnecessary drama and I would have liked the Big Secret to remain a Secret.

Also, there is a LISA KLEYPAS reference in this book. Penelope was reading Mathilda by S. R. Fielding which happens to be the book the main heroine, Amanda, from , wrote. I have no shame in admitting that I contemplated giving the book an A for that fact alone.

Published: January 1st 2003 by Avon
Rating: B
  “Until you've lived through all that," he said, "don't you ever complain about what we have. Because to me... to me..." He choked on the words, but he barely paused before he continued. "This - us - is heaven. And I can't bear to hear you say otherwise.”

I have three books left in this series and I'm so excited to read them yet so sad because I have been reading and thinking of nothing else but this series. It will be so so so hard to say goodbye to this series! Also, I LOVE these cartoon/caricature or WHATEVER they're called covers. LOVE THEM. Do they have a specific name? You would save my life if you tell me!

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