Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Top Ten Books We Recommend the Most {21}

This week's topic: Top Ten Books I Recommend The Most

Racquel's answers:
01. The book I will be buried with & that I recommend to any and everyone: by ? If you've been here before you probably already know it's my favorite book in the entire galaxy. If it's you're first time here at TBB, hi, I'm Racquel & my favorite book is . I can pretty much quote any scene and I read it approximately once a month.

02. YA pick:  by everytime I'm at Barnes & Noble (umm, no joke!) and it's the only book that I've loaned to non reader people. And they all loved it.

03. Paranormal pick: by

04. historical romance pick: by historical romance if you haven't read so I always start there when recommending a historical romance.

05. by

Sharon's answers:
I tried to pick a variety of books for the topic, but this list wound up being one of the easiest I've ever done! I recommend these books all the time! I could probably meet any person who enjoys reading at all and feel comfortable recommending one - or possibly more - of these books by the end of the conversation. I feel like several are very versatile, and ALL of them are wonderful. ♥

06. by
07. by
08. by
09. by
10. The entire Lucky Harbor by series, starting with 

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