Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sizzle & Swoon: Go-To Contemporary Authors

Our contemporary portion of Sizzle & Swoon continues! At Alexa's, she's reviewing a new adult  contemporary, and here at The Book Barbies, all three of us are sharing our:
Go-To Contemporary Authors 
(remember that the (+A) (+S) (+R) means that (+Alexa), (+Sharon) or (+Racquel) agree with that pick!)
1) Nicholas Sparks (and I'm not ashamed to admit it!) - I know that his books do follow a formula for the most part. But he writes stories that almost always break my heart into itty bitty pieces.
Favorite book: The Wedding

2) Nora Roberts - This is particularly because of her Sea Swept series. Plus, she also writes contemporary books with magic in them too...
Favorite book: Sea Swept

3) Is it sad that I can't find a third? I don't read a lot of contemporary romances. I suppose I could say Jude Deveraux. Or does Danielle Steele count?

ALEXA. This is why we are here! We have RECS for you to fill your third spot ;D

1) Ruthie Knox - I fell in love with Ruthie when her first two releases made me laugh so hard and I've been a fan ever since. Each release of hers has been getting better and better and I can't wait for even MORE from her!
Favorite books: How to Misbehave & Making it Last

2) Lisa Kleypas (+A) (+S) - My favorite author! I will read ANYTHING Lisa Kleypas writes. Whether it's historical romance, contemporary romance or magical realism or heck, non-fiction because I know I will love it. Her Travis series has the best three books I've ever read and her Friday Harbor series is SO fun. Lisa Kleypas, is simply, THE best.
Favorite book: Blue-Eyed Devil

3)  Julie James (+S) - Julie James writes extremely well-written smart, sexy, funny & sassy romances that are set in Chigaco and her love for the city just shines in her books. What makes her books though is her badass characters, not just the sexy heroes, but also the awesome, succesful & confident females. These ladies are my type of ladies. Badass for the win! Also, as a lawyer herself writing about lawyers, I love how everything in her book is sure and Julie James's knowledege is obvious.
(current) Favorite book: Love Irresistibly

(There was some author overlap with the Favorite Contemporary Romances post, so I chose different books by each author that are just as good!)

1) Jill Shalvis  (+R) - I am so glad I found Jill Shalvis! Lucky Harbor is my favorite contemporary series. She writes some of the best heroes, and I adore her sense of humor.
Favorite book: Slow Heat

2) Kristan Higgins - Back when I first discovered Kristan Higgins, I went on a huge author binge, and I keep coming back for more! I love her ability to write very relatable and unique characters.
Favorite book:  Just One of the Guys

3) Sarah Mayberry - Sarah Mayberry is basically the queen of friends-to-lovers, which is HUGE in my world. But she is very versatile and can write all sorts of stories and characters. No matter what she is writing, the story is sure to be emotional and captivating - two of my favorite qualities in a book.
Favorite book:  Her Best Friend

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