Saturday, July 13, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Days 3-6

Day Three: My Blogging Buddies

It is so difficult to list these, because I have met a ton of wonderfully fantastic blogging people over the past 1.5 years. There's nothing like the love of romance to forge a bond, which is a big thing I share with Sarah and Alexa. I've known Magan and Estelle for what feels like forever, and they are always there with a fun comment or encouraging word. If I need to flail about Phantom of the Opera, I know I can turn to Jen. There's the lovely Jamie, who reached out to me back when I was a baby blogger over at Fictionally Inclined. Then there are some fabulous ladies I've gotten to know and love more recently: Betty, Cass, Kelly, Judith and Natalie.

Last but obviously not least, we have my ultimate blogging BFF, co-blogger, and all-around fabulous person, Racquel. ♥

Day Four: The Last Book I Flung Across the Room

Although I do get very into my books - and thus can become angry because of them - I am very rarely angry enough for this emotion to overcome my inner voice that says, "Do not hurt books EVER." That inner voice is pretty darn strong. But Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire incensed me to the point where I no longer cared.

Okay, so I still cared. I actually stood up and threw it down on my mattress. Twice. But I wanted to throw it across the room and against the wall. That was over a year ago, and I still remember how mad I was at the end of the book.

I know that the most recent book to make me want to throw it across the room was Things I Can't Forget by Miranda Keanneally. It gave me some pretty negative feels. I didn't throw it, though. I think. I can't commit to that, though, since rage blackouts tend to make some details a little hazy.

Day Five: A Tear-Jerker I Recommend

Once upon a time, I didn't cry. At anything. Maybe a couple times a year at things like "Titanic" or "A Walk to Remember," but even then it was only when I consciously let myself and ONLY when I was alone.

My family was all like:

No, seriously. It was a running joke.

But then something happened my freshman year of college. Some switch flipped or some hormone developed or SOMETHING. And now I'm that chick that cries at everything. For real. I once cried at an iPhone commercial, okay. It's ridiculous. So I probably at least tear up at 80% of the books I read. But one that got me sobbing really hardcore?

Stolen by Lucy Christopher

This book is a seriously intense emotional journey, and by the end, I was an absolute wreck. But if you're squicked by the whole kidnapping aspect, there's also The Sky Is Everywhere, When He Was Wicked, or Within Reach, depending on your genre preferences.

Day Six: How I Shop for Books

The process goes like this:

"Wait a minute. I have...extra money?!"

"Oh, wait. I need to buy groceries."

"Yeah, books are more important. BOOKSTORE, HERE I COME!"

(Okay, so this may be more wishful thinking. My real process involves looking at my bank account and making sure I can afford the one book I've spent several days deciding I really want to buy. Then I either order it online or pick it up when I'm at work. Not nearly as exciting, haha.)

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