Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Top Ten Retired Names {38}

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This Week's Topic:
Top Ten Retired Names
In soccer, sometimes a team retires a number because they want to honor the player who wore that number. For example, A.C. Milan has retired the number 3 after Paolo Maldini, so no other player at A.C. Milan could ever use the number 3 as their jersey number.

Instead of doing our favorite names for todays TTT, we're RETIRING NAMES. These names are the names of amazing characters and they should not be used anymore because no character will live up to the original.

Racquel's picks
No one is allowed to use the name Hardy or Cates unless you are Lisa Kleypas. So sad, too bad but Lisa Kleypas has already created the perfect male specimen fictional character and no one should be allowed to have his first or last name. Nope, just NOPE.

02. Eric for Eric Northman.
If you're not a viking vampire, sheriff of area 5 and your last name does not consist of North and Man, then you are no Eric.

Oh, if you think you are the sheriff of area 5, you were a viking and your last name consist of North and Man, just make sure you like that lovely man in the picture because if you do, then you're allowed to use the name Eric. Congratulations.

03. Rose.
If you're not a Rose that kicks ass and your boyfriend is not Russian, then you're no Rose.

04. Owen.
As Owen Armstrong would say, don't talk, just listen to me and believe it. This Owen, is THE Owen. *swoon*.

05. The title RAKE.
Dear hero, you're not actually a rake but a pathetic excuse of a man. There is only one true, unapologetic rake and that is Sebastian St. Vincent. The whole "I'm a rake but not really, I'm just a grown man who doesn't know who is..." is not cute.

Sharon's Picks
For all the reasons listed above. He simply deserves to be listed twice. I read a book recently where the hero's last name was Cates, and every time it came up, all I could think was, "YOU, SIR, ARE NOT WORTHY OF THE NAME CATES."

Jericho Barrons defies explanation, really. But if you know him, you know no one else could live up to the name.

03. Wes.
No one besides Wes Baker should be allowed to go by Wes. He is the one and only.

04. Jamie.
This might be a little more complicated, because Jamie is a popular name today, with its unisex appeal. But Jamie Fraser is the Jamie.

I rarely - if ever - run into this name in books, thankfully. It's like authors understand the innate sacredness of it.

* Tossing in an exception for this one, that the retiring only applies to people. Since my car has been named after his namesake, Fitzwilliam Darcy, since the day I got him and has served me faithfully for years, I would hate to have to mess everything up and rename him now!

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