Friday, October 21, 2011

Foreign Cover Friday: Forgotten by Cat Patrick


Foreign Cover Friday is a weekly meme hosted by The Reading Fever, where foreign covers of the books we know and love are spotlighted and discussed. To join, either pick your favorite foreign cover, or pick many foreign covers, and start discussing!

1. US Hardcover Edition.

I my hand was just drawn to pick this book up when I saw it at Barnes & Noble. At first I though it was quite plain with just big block letters of FORGOTTEN but it was also cool how the word was split into three and then I saw the girl behind the letters and I was like
Yes, cover not book! But Alas I didn't get it because as a rule, I don't by books in series unless the series is complete or I know I will love it.

2. UK Edition.

I don't really like this cover. To be honest I hate most UK cover editions. They're always awful to me besides a few exceptions and sadly, this is not one of them.

3. Australian Edition
This is one is not as bad (still not good as US) I like the red flowers surrounding the girl and the quote at the bottom. To me though the girl sleeping looks so young though! 12 or 13 and I'm sure the MC is an older teen. Plus I hate when different cover editions show different models. What I mean by that is that the models are OBVIOUSLY different meaning you can see the face and it's like 100% not the same. To me the cover model should look like the main character. The US edition is a sandy blond girl, the UK one has red hair and the AU one also has red hair. The change is confusing!

Which cover is YOUR favorite?


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