Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday |5|

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where every Tuesday we list the top ten books we feel pertains to the week's topic the most and this week it's:

Top Ten Books That Have Been On My Shelf For The Longest But I've Never Read

I'm getting to it I promise! I plan to read it *hopefully* this month!

I got this before the summer started to read over summer break or on the plan, oooops I never go to it!

I had this book for over two years now, obviously it's been sitting on my shelf for a LOOONG time.

I have a Kindle e-copy that I have yet to read


even though I want to read this EXTREMELY bad, some other book always takes it's place when I plan to read it.

Yeah I was supposed to read this over the summer thanks to S&S and then the time period passed (stupid me) and even when I went out and I got my own copy I still haven't read it.

I own this entire series, it's one of those fun beach ones but for some reason even though I love the series, I never got around to starting this one. hmm.

I started this over the summer, I was really into it but then I had a wedding to go to and the chaos of doing my hair, make up, and both my sisters and cousin's hair got the best of me so I kind of skipped to see what will happen before I started getting ready for the wedding. Though I promised myself I will go back and read it all completely, I have yet to do that. 

I read like the first chapter for fun but then I never went back and truly started reading it.

I bought this before I went on vacation for winter break and everything was well, I was reading it on the plane totally engrossed but then we hit some really bad turbulence and I had to drop everything and start praying that my end will not be because of an airplane crash. Really, I have been on planes since before I was even born and can put up with all the chaos but it was REALLY bad turbulence! I never went through such terrible turbulence like that before and I'm kind of scared of picking up the book...

What are the books collecting dust on YOUR shelf?

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