Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Most Anticipated Books

Here are some of Emma's & Racquel's nail-biting-please-come-out-already-hurry-up-2012 books were waiting on!

Most anticipated contemporary:
Racquel's pick: In honor, Never Eighteen & Second Chance Summer
I'm a contemporary lover to the bone so I have a gazillion and two contemporaries I'm waiting on but these are just .0000001 of them.
In Honor: I loved Jessi Kirby's debut but this one sounds even better! Road trip? Yes! Hot Brother's bff? Yes!!
Never Eighteen: my most favorite books are usually told from guy's POV and Never Eighteen sounds amazingly heartbreaking. Bring it on
Second Chance Summer:Again, I loved Morgan Matson's debut but this one looks even better. I love family-reuniting books and summer books with hot guy net door so yes. This is one the wish list big time.

 Emma's pick: Try Not To Breathe, Pushing The Limit, & Pretty Crooked
Most anticipated dystopian: 
Racquel's pick: Article 5, Masque of the Red Death & The Selection
Article 5: Ember's mother is arrested by the guy she loves? Seems like hate-love too me, MY FAVORITE.
Masque of the Red Death: the summary of  MotRD sounds sooo appealing. The world is in ruins and I'm clubbing? Glittery Make-up? 2 hot boys? appealing to the extremes!
The Selection:  someone told me that The Selection was The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor, ummmm hello SIGN ME UP!
Emma's pick: Prized, Fear, & Pandemonium

Most anticipated paranormal:
Racquel's pick: Incarnate, Lies Beneath, Undeadly
Incarnate: look at that beautiful cover, isn't that enough reason to make you want to read it?
Lies Beneath: Boy mermaid, or shall I say merMAN? Interesting.
Undeadly: Molly's life seems interesting: train with the guy who hates her, kill the guy she UNkilled and she's a reaper. You know, errryday stuff.
 Emma's pick: Onyx, Incarnate, & Fracture

Most anticipated debut: 
Racquel's pick: My Life Next Door, Something Like Normal & Breaking Beautiful
 My Life Next Door: Family feud? you know I love families in books? Crushing on the guy you're supposed to hate? I love even more!
Something Like Normal: you know I love guy POV's in books & older YA characters. Travis is a hero but a little traumatized, I'm beyond interested. I love meltdowns and nightmares and tears and added romance in books (god that sounds awful). Already this book has 5 hearts from me!
Breaking Beautiful: best friend love? death mystery? story of forgiveness? I'm intrigued.
 Emma's pick: Something Like Normal, The Selection, & Under The Never Sky

Most anticipated sequel:
Racquel's pick: A Million Suns, Insurgent, & Slow Twitch

I hate reading books in a series and waiting for sequels to come out -.-
A Million Suns: how will Elder rule?  How will Elder & Amy's romance bloom? how will I stand the book without Harley? Racquel needs answers.
Insurgent: I simply need more Four.
NOT PICTURED: Slow Twitch: Brenna's story will continue with the added alternating POV of Saxon & Jake? I'm already in love!

 Emma's pick: The Golden Lily, Hallowed, & Fever
Most anticipated book of 2012: 
Racquel's pick: About That Night
Yes when it comes down to it, there is one book coming out in 2012 that I will sell my kidney, liver and give my first newborn child for: About That Night. Yes, it's an adult book. But gosh, I absolutely fucking love all of Julie James's books. They are all pure wonderfulness! To me, James's books get better and better by each release so statistically speaking, this should be my new favorite Julie James books when it comes out and you BEST KNOW I will be reading it THE day it comes out. I already it pre-ordered it.
Emma's pick: Clockwork Princess, Pure, & Matched #3

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