Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Farewell, Book Barbies!

Hello all, as many of you know, I am sad to announce that I, Jennifer, will no longer be part of The Book Barbies any longer. This is my LAST post. But my lovely co-blogger, Racquel will be taking over! Why, you ask, am I leaving this blog?

As many of you also may know, I have deleted my Twitter account, and it's because of personal privacy reasons. I CERTAINLY did not want to delete my Twitter, let alone stop blogging. My parents have requested (forced) that I stop contacting strangers online (you guys). I know, it's crazy. BOOK BLOGGING. It was the only thing that I could do to talk about books, because no one at my school has the same obsession as me that I know of. But alas, I have to do it.

I will also be deleting my Goodreads. My parents also think that the website has stranger danger. (!!!) Sorry to all of my Goodreads friends, I appreciate all of what you have contributed  :)

Don't get me wrong; I will definitely still be around: following blogs. I just will be under a different name, and I am still allowed to make another Goodreads, but just not allowed to have "friends" on it.

Blogging has been a phenomenal experience. For the 3 months that I have been blogging, I have always loved every second on this wonderful blog. I am so grateful to have met so many bloggers out there that have helped me through the way and taught me many things. Special shout out to the following:

Racquel- my co-blogger, my dear, dear, co-blogger. You have been with me from the start, and blogging with you was so fun and a great experience, I am heart-broken that I have to leave you. But I am so glad to be leaving The Book Barbies to such a terrific blogger. Thank you so much for everything.

Grace from Wordslikesilver- You are an inspiration to me. Blogging, dancing, you name it. You are just such a talented girl and I don't want to stop the dance-obsession conversations we have on Twitter. I will most DEFINITELY be following your blog still, and plan to keep following, even after 194270937410374 million followers. :)

Followers-I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Without you all, I probably wouldn't have the inspiration to keep blogging. YOU GUYS are the people out there that mean so much to me.

You guys, I was (and still am) honestly broken when I found out I had to quit blogging. I was near tears. This blogging experience has been truly amazing, and I wish to pick it up again someday. Thank you everyone. <3

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