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Faves of 2011: The Characters

Day Two: The Characters

1. Favourite female main character
 Racquel's pick:
Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy
Scroll down and see what Emma said. Those are my EXACT SAME reasons. She got them perfectly!
Emma's pick:
Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy
Rose is one of the few protagonists that didn't make me want to scream or throw the book at the wall. She's strong, brave, and courageous, but not stupid! (Which I find is a characteristic in many other 'fearless' heroines. They don't think and make rash decisions and ugh!) And Rose is hilarious! I love smart, witty characters.

2. Favourite male main character
Racquel's pick:
Hardy Cates from Blue Eyed Devil
This is an adult character BUT anyone else I pick cannot even be on the same scale of amazing that Hardy is on. He is REAL. He's not perfect and he's not perfectly imperfect either... he's human. He makes mistakes but he makes up for them. He is so determined he deserves the world and more and past the blue eyes, he's sweet and loyal. I can't even put Hardy Cates in words.
Emma's pick: 
Ky Markham from Matched
I think Ky is the main reason I love Matched so much. Cassia is no one without Ky. He opened Cassia's eyes, and in a way, I feel like he opened mine. His words and his drawings... Oh, how I wish I was the one he shared them with... 
3. Best couple <3
 Racquel's pick:
Finely & Beckett from There You'll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones
I was rooting for these two to kiss or at least hold hands! My heart was skipping beat for them what more can I say? I just wanted to jump in the books and push them together!

Emma's pick: 
Grace Brisbane and Sam Roth from Shiver
Throughout the entire series, I loved them. Throughout every problem, every separation, I loved them. They are Grace & Sam. Always Grace and Sam. I love that they knew they were meant to be. There was no reluctance, no doubts. No, 'Oh, but I'm not good enough for you! You deserve better!' No pushing each other away. They are who they are. 
4. Who I so want to be best friends with
 Racquel's pick:
The crew (Kat, Hale, Simon, Gabrielle, the twins) from Heist Society  
I'm currently watching White Collar about a previous con artist turned FBI consultant so you can tell I'm very into crime related themes in books, shows and everything and I like to be in the crime not on the other (the law) side so it's nice to see that this book is about art theft. I love it! So yes, I would love to be buddies with the cast of Heist Society, it would be hella interesting!
Emma's pick: 
Nick and Norah from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
Yes! These two! They are awesome! I'd love to talk to them, be their best of buds because they're just so witty and hilarious. Okay, this is more Norah, but I can't say Norah with Nick. 
5. Who I fell completely in love with (new literary crush)

 Racquel's pick:
Dimitri Belikov from Vampire Academy Series
Dimitri is a man. Enough said.
Emma's pick: 
Patch/Jev from the Hush Hush series ~ 
EEP! He's just downright sexy, and I could not get enough of him! But I have to say Tucker Avery from Unearthly too. He's realistic, and reading about him, I wish I had my own Tucker to explore the world with. 
6. Worst (best & baddest) villian
 Racquel's pick:
Me don't know...
Emma's pick: 
 Okay, my definition of 'villian' is very loose here. I'm going to say WICKED from The Maze Runner series. It's not even a person, but an organization, and even so, I can't really say they're the 'villian'. They're just made out to be bad, which really roots the entire series. Whether they're bad or they're good, you have to decide yourself. At least in Thomas's mind, they are wickedly evil. 
7. Best character twist (who you loved then hated or vice versa)
 Racquel's pick:
Can't think of anything...
Emma's pick: 
Lucas from Evernight
Even the second time round reading this I was completely flabbergasted of the truth about him. (Mind you, the second time was two years later. I clearly don't have the best memory...) I loved him so much, which made the betrayal hurt ten times more than it should, but I know I could never hate him.
8. Best kick-arse female
 Racquel's pick:

I have only read about ONE kick ass female and that is Rose Hathaway. No body else can compare because she is ONE of a kind.
Emma's pick: 
Again goes to Rose Hathaway. Need I explain? 
9. Best kick-arse male
 Racquel's pick:
 Dimitri Belikov from The Vampire Academy series
Hardy Cates from Blue Eyed Devil 
Dimitri and Hardy are both MEN. That speaks for it self. They are loyal, determined, driven, will do anything for their loved ones, don't fuck or bull shit around and their heart is as big as Asia and Europe combined.
Emma's pick: 
Fade from Enclave
Agh, he's just so untouchable and sexy and then with his fighting skills. I know I'd feel safe around him. As long as I'm not his enemy. 
10. Broke your heart the most
 Racquel's pick:
Al from Divergent 
I don't want to give much away but it sucked how things turned out with Al.
Emma's pick: 
Jace from TMI
I won't spoil it for those of you who still haven't read it, but ohhh, I swear a tear leaked at the end of The City of Fallen Angels! 
11. Favourite pet/animal character award
 Racquel's pick:
I hate pets :D
Emma's pick: 
Who wouldn't want an awesome shape changing adorable little creature from another planet?! He's even cute in the movie!
12. Best YA parents award
 Racquel's pick:
Abe Mazure from Vampire Academy series
Emma and I agree once again! and once again her reasons are perfect! (see why I made her do the post first? so I can copy her answers :D)
Emma's pick: 
Abe Mazure from Vampire Academy series ~ 
He's the first one that comes to mind. He's not like other parents, and as scary and intimidating he may be, he doesn't hide the truth from Rose (not that I remember anyways). I get so annoyed when a parent reveals something huge at the last minute to the heroine, and it's like 'Bitch, why did you have to wait until I'm about to die?' 
13. Favourite sibling relationship
 Racquel's pick:
 Mikey from You Against Me
He was a fantastic brother, he was willing to do the wrong things for the right reasons for his sister.
The Fuentes brothers from Perfect Chemistry series
well usually, we barely see sibling relationships in books so the fact that there was actually one here makes the PC series the winner anyways.
Emma's pick: 
Dee and Daemon from Obsidian
I loved them! Especially this one scene when Katy walks in and they're fighting about who ate the ice cream xD 
14. Favourite best friends/friendship award
 Racquel's pick:
 Harper and Laney from Saving June
Best friend relationships ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tend to find away to piss me off sometime during a book. I don't know why, sometimes there is not even a reason but I ALWAYS end up annoyed with the MC and her/his side kick but Harper and Laney are the first bestfriends that I was never annoyed with.
Emma's pick: 
Erin and Summer from Love Story
I really liked Summer, okay? Erin was a bit bleh. But I loved how Summer always came to Erin's defence without even second guessing the offender, and she even went on a little spy mission for Erin! 
15. Best/worst character names
 Racquel's pick:

Worst Male: Four REAL name (I will not say it here) from Divergent
when I found out Four real name I wanted to scream, punch the wall, throw the book AKA my phone since I was reading on my Kidle app from there. IT.IS.AN.AWFUL.FUCKING.NAME.
Worst Female: Katy from Obsidian
I haven't read this book but good god, from a bajillin, fucking gazillion names Jennifer L. Armentrout picked the plainest, ugliest name on the history of names. It makes Four real name lovely! It's Jennifer's book so cheers to her for doing what she wants but it's not like I'm happy with it. Sorry to all Katy's out there!! You're all beautiful and lovely!

Best Male: Saxon from Double Clutch
Not plain but not too unique, Saxon is a name I never heard before but I fell in love with.
Best Female: Rose from Vampire Academy
I might be pushing it with all this Rose mentioning but I LOVE that name!

Emma's pick: 
Gah, okay worst ~ Erin from Love Story (sorry Jennifer, but I have bad memories with the name Erin...)
Deuce from Enclave (Deuce?! Really?! Every time I see that, I think tennis!)

best ~ Cassia and Ky from Matched (Ally Condie pronounces Cassia as 'Cash-uh', but I will always think of it as 'Cass-ee-ah')
Jace from TMI.
Patch from Hush Hush.
Cole St Clair from The Wolves of Mercy Falls.
Bonus: Best love triangle
 Racquel's pick:
 The fight for Brenna between Jake and Saxon from Double Clutch 
One second I wanted Brenna with Jake, the next page I wanted her with Saxon but then after that Jake but then I choose Saxon and repeat I CAN'T DECIDE!
Emma's pick: 
Alex, Aiden, and Seth from Half-Blood (not really a triangle, but I hope something will happen later in the series!) 

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