Saturday, December 17, 2011

Welcome, Emma!

As you know, Jennifer had to leave the blog ( D': ) and I didn't want to blog alone so I was looking for a co-blogger and well yaaay, I found someone! Emma has the HONOR (har har, because I'm so fantastic) to be my new co-blogger :D

I met Emma online about a year ago since we both love writing and reading and I'm very happy she will be co-blogging with me since she's a close friend.

So you should say hi to Emma!! She will now be a part of blog and you better look forward to her posts ;D  

Her About Me:
"Hi guys! Call me Emma. I’m new to this whole book blogging business, so yeah, go easy on me! I heard Racquel was looking for co-blogger, and thought, ‘Why not me?!’ I’ve always wanted to write reviews on goodreads, because, I’ve always got a lot to say after reading a book. But honestly, who was going to read them? I decided to take this chance anyways, and voila! Here I am! Reader, writer, photographer (lol I wish), and an absolute slacker. My days off are spent reading and sleeping. I’ve been writing stories since I was nine. Finished about three out of hundreds. But lately I’ve been losing myself in fantasy novels. Yeah, fantasy and sci-fi all the way! I cannot go without romance though. I love starry nights and plan on learning all the constellations out there. 

Tweet me, message me, email me, do whatever! I love meeting new people and talking about any crazy shit ;)"


 There you go, I look forward to Emma's posts as you should to!

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