Tuesday, January 10, 2012

|Discussion| Should I Buy A Kindle?

 This has been such an issue with me for so long now: I want a Kindle but then I don't.

If I was to buy a Kindle, it would a Kindle Touch. Nooks or other e-readers are out of the question since I already own several Kindle books. I need a little nudge though, you see I'm the cheapest person in the history of the world. I'm so damn cheap- averse to spending money- I make Mr. Krabs from the SpongeBob Square Pants seem generous. I would hate to buy a Kindle then end up hating it or not using it. I will never live with the guilt of spending money on a device that I end up not wanting.

 Reasons why I want a Kindle Touch:

1. More space
I don't have anywhere to put all my books! With a Kindle, I will have more free space in my room instead of having every surface have a book on it.

2. Less Space
I'm blessed with having the opportunity to travel every year. But It is very hard for me to take 8 books in a suitcase especially when I also need to have clothes and shoes in that suitcase. Since e-books takes much much less space I would never have to worry about my suitcase being over weight. Plus my Kindle books would definitely not get damaged when my suitcase is thrown around airports and airplanes.

3. it's easier for me to read e-books
For some reason I found out that reading a physical book takes me longer then an e-book. I always end up putting physical books down and not wanting to pick them up again. I'm uncomfortable reading them on my bed when I'm laying down at an awkward position to flip pages and taking them with me to school never results in anything good since water will spill in my purse ruining the book or I would get tired of carrying my school junk and a book...

4. easier on the eyes and my phone
Because of #3 I started buying Kindle books and reading them on my phone. Having a lot of books ready with me all the time is awesome and the best thing ever. But it's slowly killing my eyes and my phone battery. I would waste my battery reading all day in school and when I stay after school and have to call my dad to pick me up I have to go beg someone for their phone and slowly but surely, I think I would have to start wearing glasses indefinitely. Right now I only need them for driving at night and looking at far away things i.e. boards & TV but if I continue I would ruin all my far sight but Kindle Touch solves that problem.

Why I don't want to buy a Kindle Touch:
1. I'm afraid the technology won't uphold
Pretty self explanatory right? what if they stop e-books all together?

2. I'm afraid me and my Kindle won't click
For whatever reason that may be, but I know it will kill me! I don't kid when I say I'm cheap and indulging $100 on the Kindle Touch to later not want it will result in me hanging myself.

So sure the pros outweigh the cons and that should tell me my decision but I'm still indecisive!
So do tell me your stand on this! Do you one a Kindle? do you love it? hate it? Do you think a Kindle touch would be worth the buy?

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