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|Adult Review| The Wanderer by Shawn Kirsten Maravel

The title of the post is marked as an 'Adult Review' which simply means that this is NOT a YA book like most reviews & meme's are. Everything on the blog has been YA so far but since I (Racquel) do read contemporary romance I will start posting my reviews for them here too. Keep in mind 'Adult' does NOT mean erotica! It means that the main characters are older then 20 and mostly likely in their 30's. 

Title: The Wanderer
Author: Shawn Kirsten Maravel
Published: October 26th 2011 by CreateSpace
Rating: ♥
The Wanderer
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Goodreads summary:
After getting out of the Army, Landon Bradley packs up his motorcycle and heads North West in hopes of closing up old battle wounds and maybe even settling down. Not accustomed to staying in one spot for too long, he's not certain that he'll ever find a place that he can truly call home.

When he finds himself stranded in a small Wyoming town, Landon meets Maxine Abrams, more affectionately known as Max. Her blunt honesty and humble generosity make him feel closer to home then he ever has before. But when his feelings for her grow too strong, the reality that, like everyone else, he could easily lose her too, Landon feels the ever present urge to leave again. And Landon must decide which call to heed. His heart or the open road.
Racquel's thoughts:
I bet everyone in this world think no one understands them and that despite everything, they're lonely. I think I'm lonely. But Landon Bradley is truly lonely. 100%, completely and fully lonely. If I go missing today someone will call the cops. My family will be worried, if I died people would mourn me (or so I think) I have a couple of friend who might cry but Landon Bradley has no one. No mom or dad or cousin or grandma or friend or coworker or credit card bill collector or anything. If he died, no one would know or care and that's just such a heartbreaking thought. Really I had to stop reading more then once to contemplate this and it was not a fun thought! So many times I wanted to jump into the book and just give Landon a hug an tell him, "It's alright buddy, you might be a fictional character and I might (or might not be...) real but you have me! I love you!"

A pet peeve of mine is when an author writes about something she/he doesn't know about but that is not the case with The Wanderer and Shawn Kirsten Maravel. Her understanding of the army is obviously not just researched based and she has her facts straight. The same goes with the motorcycles, Maravel and her characters understood motorcycles and their parts so well it made me feel like I was a biker junkie!

Me being the romance whore, have to mention the relationship between Max and Landon and that was another aspect Maravel didn't disappoint in. It wasn't love at first page, their were no random love declarations from chapter 3, or any of that stuff that I hate. The romance grew before my eyes and I enjoyed seeing the characters fall in love and it wasn't just the romance that grew, the characters also faced their fears and overcome life obstacles and I love the journey of it! 

I had high hopes for this book and I was not disappointed! Shawn Maravel has made a fan out of me with this sweet, romantic well done read:D

Rating: 4 hearts~ a must read for romance/contemporary lovers like me!
The Army recruiter‟s station had already been set up at the far end of the campus cafeteria at The University of New Hampshire when Landon Bradley set his tray and books down.
“Can you stop calling me ma‟am?” 
“G.I. Joe‟s still got bed head.”
*Thanks to Shawn for providing me with a copy to review♥*

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