Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tune in Tuesday [1]

A weekly feature hosted by GReads that showcases music.
Other than reading and writing, I find myself very passionate about music. I go through phases where I obsess over bands and songs, and frankly, continuously tweeting about them is not enough!
So, thank you Ginger!

First song of the year goes to~
Title: Motions
Artist: This Love
Genre: Rock

I've got Motions on repeat all day (and occasionally I switch it back to repeat all on the album "At War") There's not one song of This Love's that I do not love. This Love is so definitely underrated. I hate that I can't simply type their name in Google and have them turn up on the first page (although that may also be their completely mainstream name). "At War" is a politically themed album, and let me tell you, it puts so much emotion and feel into their music. The guitar solos throughout this album are quite eargasmic. Joe McFaddin makes me want to sing along and stand by his side to join the war. His voice is utterly exhilarating, even live.

Other songs to listen to by This Love: We Are The Brave, Alive, & Shootout 

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