Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tune In Tuesday [2]: Framing Hanley

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When the subject of songs and artists come up in conversation, I'm ironically the one that shuts the hell up and turns away, but out of my friends, I have a feeling that I'd be the one most passionate about it. 

Why am I afraid to speak about my music? Why is it so wrong that I don't like most mainstream music? Why do I freak out every time my iPod is in another's hands? I don't listen to Rihanna, or Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Adele, LMFAO, and god forbid One Direction! But I will admit, I like their one song 'Moments'.

So whenever my friends are discussing the latest songs and the hottest debut singles of guys our age, I am always so tempted to blurt out, 'hey, you guys heard of The Receiving End of Sirens? I wish they'd get back together. And Craig Owens, doesn't he just have the sexiest voice?! That's after Jeremy DePoyster, but if only he sang more songs!'

But of course, they'd only look at me like I'm crazy, ignore it, and move on. I just want to talk about music with someone, you know? It's not the same over twitter or email, because I can't exactly sing along with you and belt out songs at the top of my lungs and not feel weird about it! Although I'll take my chances when I'm home alone and hope my neighbours don't complain, haha.

So the band of this week is Framing Hanley


They were the first band I truly, properly loved. And by that, I mean, I absolutely could NOT get enough of them. I discovered them via an online friend a few weeks after they released their first album 'A Promise To Burn.' I think obsession would be a better word to use actually. I bought all their songs (there's not one that I don't like!), watched all their videos (makes me wish I could meet them because they're just kinda hilarious), and may've done a little research on that delectable-looking Kenneth Nixon ;)

Framing Hanley (originally named Embers Fade) opened me up to this whole world of rock music I used to be too scared to explore on my own. I'm just devastated that I was unable to attend the Soundwave Revolution last year when they came around to Melbourne, but if they ever tour in Australia again, look for me there!

I have to thank Ryder for all her song recommendations, because they have definitely led me to most of my favourite bands and artist. I will forever owe you :)

The most played song at 636 plays on my iTunes music library is The Burn, yes, by Framing Hanley. But unfortunately there's no music video - which they should really make more of because all three of theirs are the epitome of epicness! - so Lollipop (256 plays) will have to do. It's a cover of Lil Wayne's song, and I absolutely fell in love with it when I heard it!

I love the beginning of this! It's so tacky but cute, and this line: 
"The meals on wheels out front? You may not have seen it because you have this bawling ass mansion, but that's my house." 
Oh Nixon! :')

Other songs to check out by Framing Hanley: You Stupid Girl (577 plays), Hear Me Now (324 plays), You, Built For Sin & Slow Dance.

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