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Perfect Valentine Guest Post Part 2

Emma and I decided we needed to get together something fun for Valentine Day or Forever Alone day (depends on your perspective!) so we asked some of our favorite book bloggers (and friend) and got together a guest post of:
the guy (or multiple guys ;D) each one of us would choose from a fictional book to go out with for Valentine's Day and what we would do for our date

Celine's @Forget Me Not answer:
If you guys know me, then it is not a secret that I HAVE A VERY VERY (And I mean VERY) BIG CRUSH in Monsieur Étienne St. Clair. So of course I'd want to go out with Étienne on Valentine's Day! If you have read Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, you'd know the answer. But for those of you who haven't,  Étienne St. Clair is the most hottest, awesome French-American-British hybrid EVER! And please do believe me when I say this because how can you be a French, American and British person at the same time? There's only one answer to this and that is Étienne St. Clair. His mom is American, his father is French and he used to live in England. This means that he speaks English with a BRITISH ACCENT and French fluently. He has I-pretend-I-don't-care-but-I-really-do hair, good looks, crooked smile and he is romantic. He'd also move from the place he live so that he can stay close to you (like how one of the reasons why he moved to America from France was for Anna). From what I've mentioned, he might sound TOO perfect and unbelievable but there is one flaw and that is his height! He is not tall, but he walks confidently and that makes him look tall. This means that he is not perfect and he is 'believe-able' in a way that you might find someone like him out there!  What I'd do for him? I'd do ANYTHING for him. But specifically, I'd learn French for the rest of my life if it means that I'll be able to speak the language fluently with him (rather than using English all the time because French is one of the most romantic languages out there and it is quite a difficult language to me!), I would fight his father if it means that I can get him to spend more time with me, I'd highlight my hair like Anna (because I don't like colouring my hair or anything related), I even won't mind never wearing high heels for the rest of my life so that he wouldn't feel short standing next to me or anything, especially on Valentine's day! He's all I ask for Valentine's day. J'aime Étienne St. Clair toujours! ♥
Thank you to Racquel and Emma for having me here! 
Do you think Étienne will want to spend his Valentine's day with me? ;P
Emma's answer:
I'm terrible at decision-making, so you have know, I had a horrid time choosing between my book crushes! It was pretty much down to Ky from the Matched series, and Tucker from the Unearthly series, but I just have to choose Raffe from Angelfall. I only finished Angelfall like two hours ago, so he's still fresh in my mind, and I love him! I have this little, tiny thing for angels (fallen or not), and Raffe is just beyond fine. Stripped of his wings (clearly a badass), relentless fighter, plus a witty attitude? Perfection♥

Anyways, I don't want to give anything away because I want to write a full review on Angelfall (BECAUSE IT'S FREAKING FANTABULOUS! Seriously guys, $1 ebook on Kindle. Get it. Now.) But in short, Raffe is hot. *fans self* He's injured for most of the book, but he's permanently got that fearless vibe going on, he knows how to fight, and he never backs down. And the little things he does, makes me smile like crazy! His emotions are pretty tightly locked away, but when he cares about something - or someone - you just know.
As for a perfect date, I don't know. He'd have to surprise me. Because I like surprises, and if he can make it a good surprise, it'd really be perfect! Otherwise, I'd be happy with a walk through a beautiful setting, talking about everything and anything! Highlight for spoiler>>> Or he could take me for a ride with his new wings! ;D<<<

Grace @Words like Silver answer:
Wow. Where do I even begin? I always joke about how I'm looking for a "book boyfriend" - one of those fictional guys that you read about and instantly fall in love with. This got me thinking about love triangles. In books, there are usually those guys that you love and are best friends with and then you meet a guy who is flawed but passionate, intense, and of course, good looking. I definitely go back and forth on my perfect guy, especially how there are so many in YA. I want one of the guys who is intense and passionate, but not overbearing. It has to stem out of a friendship and he has to be good. I want a guy like Peeta from The Hunger Games or Lend from Paranormalcy but I find myself swooning over guys like Vincent from Die for Me or Stefan from The Vampire Diaries.
While all these guys are incredible, my dream guy would probably be Sam from Shiver or James from Lament, ironically both books by the same author. Sam dates a girl named Grace - it's fate! - and as much as I love him, I'm almost exactly like James. I write all over my hands and he is passionate and intense about his music, but he makes you laugh and he is a best friend first and then a boyfriend. The love he has for Deidre is the sweetest and he suffers in silence because she'll always be in love with Luke. Although he's hurt that she won't love him, he still loves her and is always looking out for her as her best friend. He just sounds amazing. I think I'd go with James. As much as James would laugh about my perfect date, he'd secretly love it. My dream date is going to the beach. That's it. We would spend the day laughing on the beach, swimming, relaxing, just talking for the majority of the day. Then at sunset we would maybe go for a walk or something and then we would go nightswimming. I know, it sounds cheesy, but that has both the friendship but it's still romantic and enough of a romantic gesture to make my inner romantic swoon. So, James, how about it?

Hannah @Paperback Treasures answer:
This is such a great topic! I love fictional guys, and I think we can all agree YA love interests are way better than real-life guys. There are so many awesome boys to choose from, but I think I'm going to go with Wes from Sarah Dessen's The Truth About Forever. I know, choosing a Sarah Dessen book is totally predictable, but she just writes the best male characters, and Wes is my favorite of the bunch. He's gorgeous, he's an artist and makes incredible sculptures, he's a reformed bad boy - what more could you want? He's so sweet, and the way he helps Macy with her problems is just adorable. I feel kind of mean taking Wes away from Macy but, you know, all's fair. Wes is so swoonworthy and unperfectly perfect and just amazing - I can't even think about him without smiling adoringly. Now, for what we'd do on our date... When I think of Wes, there are two scenes that I can't get out of my head. The first is where Macy and Wes are at a party, and all of the girls are checking Wes out because, well, he's Wes, but he's just sitting there talking to Macy. The second scene is when their car breaks down and they have to walk for ages to find help. In both scenes, they're playing their adorable question-asking game. Again, this feels wrong, since it's a Wes-and-Macy thing, but I'd give anything to be Macy in one of those scenes. It's not much of a date, but I can't imagine anything more romantic being at a party with Wes, ignoring the jealous stares, and talking about the adorable things Wes and Macy talk about. But, you know, it's not like I'm picky - I wouldn't say no to St. Claire from Anna and the French Kiss, Jake from Saving June, Roger from Amy and Roger's Epic Detour, Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars, Dexter from This Lullaby, Dash from Dash and Lily's Book of Dares, and many more.

Rayne @My Cute Bookshelf
Normally, my perfect date would be with either Ariel from the Theatré Illûminata trilogy by Lisa Mantchev, because, hello, long, white hair, sexy, mysterious and kind of a bad boy, or with Alexander fromVampire kisses by Ellen Schrieber because of  long black hair (notice the pattern here XD) and because he’s sweet and mysterious and clad all in black, just like I like ‘em. But since this is Valentine’s Day we are talking about, I want to go on a date with someone who is as cynical about this date as I am and someone who would not subject me to the tradition of flowers, pink hearts, chocolates, fake gentlemanly behavior I will never witness again and promises neither of us intend to keep. So that’s why I’m going with Shane Collins from The MorganvilleVampires series by Rachel Cain
We’d probably lounge around all day on a nice, comfy couch in front of the TV, wrestling each other for the controller and a turn to bash in the brains of pixelated zombies. We’d be comfortable in our jeans and t-shirts and he’d tell me I look just fine like that, with my hair twisted into a messy knot and not a trace of make-up on my face. We’d have pints of chocolate ice-cream, some Nutella, bowls of potato chips and some cokes well within reach. And then, when night fell, we’d probably catch a horror movie or eat some sushi while we discuss movies, books I’ve recently read or video games or how awesome The Walking Dead episode was the previous Sunday. He would make me laugh and tease me and we’d probably banter with witty and sarcastic observations all night long while lying on top of the hood of his car looking at the stars. He would also take a moment when I least expect it and make my heart race with sweet but intense words about his feelings, not because he feels pressured to do it because of the date, but because he truly feels that way; Shane would never do or say anything he doesn’t mean from the bottom of his heart. My date would be easy and uncomplicated, fun and unpredictable and unexpectedly sweet, just like every other date should be regardless if it is Valentine’s day or not.  How I picture him and our night date:

Sarah @Saz101 answer:
Jake Tolan from Saving June A date with ANY book boy? At all? Anywhere? Wow... The first name that pops into my head is the smoking hot Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series, but, uh, the idea is to talk about a perfect DATE, right? And I don’t think anyone could think of anything to do with Bones that would really be considered a ‘date’... or appropriate in public... so in the interests of avoiding an R rating? Jake Tolan fromHannah Harrington’s Saving June.

This boy lives and breathes music, and I love that. So I think the night would play out something like this: pull on my favourite jeans and black hoodie, jump into Joplin (hell YES his van is named after Janis) and listen to his latest mix CD on the way to a gig of his choosing (you KNOW he’ll choose good). Mosh and scream like crazy at the show, then debate over which is the best Beatles album while we grab kebabs (felafel for me), then finish the night by chilling at his place and listening to Hendrix on vinyl. Parfait. This sounds BEYOND perfect to me... and can you tell I’ve just finished reading Saving June, and I’m slightly obsessed?
(thanks Mary for this post for the inspiration ;D)

Sam @Realm of Fiction answer: 
If I had to narrow down my never-ending list of literary crushes and pick one guy to be my Valentine’s Day date, it would most certainly have to be the gorgeous Daemon Black from Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Obsidian. Why’s that, I hear you asking? Well, Daemon Black just happens to be the hottest, funniest, and most confident guy in YA fiction. This green-eyed heart-throb has had girls from all over the country positively drooling. With his maddening cockiness and bad-boy demeanour, Daemon is most definitely the guy I would choose to be my Valentine. Oh, and he also happens to be an alien. Hello, sexy!
For our date, Daemon will meet me at my front door with swimming trunks on. We take a trip down to the lake – Yes, THAT lake. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with a shirtless alien swimming through the calm water? Now that would definitely be my ideal date. Daemon will make some swaggering comment to infuriate me and I’ll pretend to be annoyed. Secretly, I’ll be hoping for a sweet kiss at the end of our trip. Let’s face it, as arrogant as he can be sometimes, Daemon Black is a bad boy with a BIG heart. And I totally want him to call me ‘Kitten’. ;)
Thanks for stopping by ♥ I leave you with a highly funny and what some might call inappropriate though TRUE picture:
*sigh* if only!

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