Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Perfect Valentine Date Guest Post Part 1

Emma and I decided we needed to get together something fun for Valentine Day or Forever Alone day (depends on your perspective!) so we asked some of our favorite book bloggers (and friend) and got together a guest post of:
the guy (or multiple guys ;D) each one of us would choose from a fictional book to go out with for Valentine's Day and what we would do for our date
April @Book Away answer:
I have SO MANY book boyfriends it’s not even funny... (or healthy). But after some consideration and thought, I decided to pick Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins as my Valentine’s Day date. If you’ve read the books, you know that Finnick has the perfect combination of being brave, selfless, funny, sweet, and caring. And hot. *swoons* Perfect Valentine’s Day date material :)
And for the ideal date... even though I’ve only been to one or two of them in my life, I LOVE aquariums. So I would love to be able to go on a trip to the aquarium. I’m weird like that. As much as I love aquariums, I think Finnick would too. Finnick is from District 4 in The Hunger Games series, which is the fishing district, and it is by the sea. So naturally, I think Finnick would feel right in his element there :)

Aurora @Midnighthues (no blog) answer:
Hardy Cates and Gage Travis. Both of these amazing men have stolen my heart and refuse to give it back. I bet that those of you who’ve read the Travis series by Lisa Kleypas know exactly where I’m coming from. Anyway, there’s just something about Gage that makes makes me crazy and takes me to the other side. He’s your typical tall, dark and handsome Alpha Texan hottie but what I love most about him is that mysterious attitude of his. Less talking, more listening. The way he cared for Liberty’s sister was just a bonus. Without further battles with my brain, I figure that my ideal Valentines date would be Gage Travis.
We’ll start with renting a paddle boat or a canoe and go somewhere in the water far away imitate each other and laugh till we hurt all over. Food is the number one thing so we’ll have delicious tin-foil wrapped dishes. Then we’ll go for a hike and see waterfalls and Gage will tell me how much he loves me and we’ll go back to his house *cough mansion cough* and lock all doors behind us. While Hardy washes my car shirtless. Hey, a girl can dream right? Also, thank you so much for letting me participate Racquel. This was so much fun!

Jennie @My Cute Bookshelf answer:
This was a very tough choice, as there are many swoon-worthy book boyfriends out there. However, I had to go with Archer from the Hex Hall series. I discovered the series early last year, and I haven’t forgotten about Archer ever since. He’s just so amazing! First of all, he’s full of personality. If I were to go on a date with him, I know I would never get bored. He knows how to set the mood and keep it going. Archer is amusing, clever and a badass. He’s also a bit of a bad boy but I love him because of that. I think a date with archer would be awesome because he’s not afraid to be himself and speak his mind. So for this date, I would wear a cute fashion dress. Something simplistic, not too over the top. All I need is Archer in a suit, looking sexy. Yeah, where are you Archer? I’m waiting for you!

Katelyn @Kate's Tale of Books & Bands answer:
When Racquel first contacted me to come up with my fictional dream date I instantly said yes. Then a few minutes later I began to panic…majorly. How does one begin to pick their number one fictional crush? Out of all the books that I’ve read there have been a TON of hot guys. I change fictional boyfriends like I change my underwear (which is quite frequently). At first I tried to pass off a speed dating night with all my fictional crushes as the perfect date. It sounds fun, right? But that really wasn’t the idea behind this post! I’m so glad I waited until the last minute (being the procrastinator that I am…) to write up this post because I found a truly great guy the other day.

Awkward. It’s what I am without a doubt. It’s also the name of an incredible book by Marni Bates. In this book we have Logan, an exceptional guy that’s smart, cute, popular, a little bit distant but in a hot way that makes him mysterious, he’s responsible, he has a smirk that irritates you and melts the insides at the same time, he’s athletic, funny, caring, but most importantly he accepts a girl for who she is (nerdy, awkward, extremely strange package and all)! I love the hot, dangerous guys but if someone can accept my total weirdness and lack of coordination, I’m all his.
On my date with Logan we’d do the classic dinner and a movie. Since I’ve technically never been on a “real” date I figured we’d start out small (we’ll save the concert going, ice skating, and skydiving for date #3). He’d pick me up at my house, ON TIME, meet my dad, be stunned by my exquisite outfit (it’ll include a skirt, leggings, my cool boots, a sweater, and of course my robot earrings), he’ll even open the car door for me and off we’ll go. For dinner he’ll pick a place that has a wide range of options for vegetarians and I’ll pig out because I love food. I’d impress him immensely with my profound knowledge, huge appetite, and sense of humor. I’ll let him pick the movie which better be a comedy since chick flicks would be SO WEIRD on a first date. You better believe I will turn up the flirt-o-meter during the movies which may or may not result in embarrassing moments on my part. In the end he will fall in love with me…obviously because he likes really awkward girls and it will be epic!

Racquel's answer:
Any other day, my ideal Valentine date would be Alex Fuentes from Perfect Chemistry but since everyone knows I love him that would equal a boring answer. So for Valentine day, I would like to go out with Bram Griswold from Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel. Why Bram when I can have the perfection that is Alex? Well he's a gentlemen, a man's man type of guy who opens doors for the ladies and gets chairs out for them. Yet he's not overly soft, an army captain, he knows he wears the pants. There is nothing greater then a man who is confident without being arrogant and nothing sexier then a guy in a suit *sigh* Also, he's a... zombie!! A good zombie. Umm hello, who wouldn't want to go out with a zombie, let alone one with a conscious?! If you are not familiar with what Dearly, Departed, it's set in a New Victorian dsytopian world so ball gowns, carriages and decorum is how people roll. So I'm going to get glammed up in my fantasy purple gown, Bram will put his sexy lady-turner suit and then we can pretend that's me in his arms. Hello Perfect Date, here I come!
Sarah @Smitten Over Books answer:
Annabeth would probably blast me to pieces or at least plot my death with her mother, Athena because of this. But I choose Percy Jackson. I have actually 6 guys in mind (yeah, I’m that hot). Tucker from Unearthly, Adam from If I Stay/Where She Went, Gale from The Hunger Games, Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss, Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice and of course Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson/The Heroes of Olympus. I almost picked Mr. Darcy but Percy looked at me like this:
Kidding aside, I’d choose him if given the opportunity to go out with someone because he’s life is just so adventurous. I’m a big lover of mythology and him being a demigod is like having a first-hand experience on how everything works in the Olympian world. But really he is HOT with cool water powers, I’d go out with him even if it’ll the last thing I’ll do. Heh. For our date we could visit all the landmarks in all Percy Jackson books, ride his strangely talkative black horse, Black Jack, walk in the park with his bloodhound pet, Mrs. O’leary, meet all his Demigod friends in Camp Halfblood, see his cool Dad, Poseidon in person and visit Olympus. And maybe at the end of the day we can even have our own awkward but sweet underwater kiss. How romantic!
Make sure to come back tomorrow to part TWO of this guest post with MORE bloggers and MORE sexy guys and dates ;D 
Happy Valentine's Day♥

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