Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blog Tour: On the Island- Author Interview + Giveaway

I'm one of today's stops for On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves book blog tour hosted by AToMR Book Blog Tours! Make sure to check out each stop, everyone is hosting and e-book giveaway while 2 blogs have are giving a print copy, trust me this is a book you DO NOT want to miss! Check out MY REVIEW to believe me ;D
For my stop, Tracey Garvis Graves will be sharing her most memorable character quotes from the book: 
“Dude, your babysitter is smokin’ hot.” (Ben)

“I’m going to put us down on the water first and then one of you will have to get on the radio,” he gasped, trying to get the words out. “Put on life jackets. They’re in the storage compartment by the door. Then get in your seats and buckle in.” He grimaced in pain. “Go!” (Mick)

“It’s not like we had a choice, T.J. We either figured it out or we died.” (Anna)

I gathered up everything I needed. “I’m going to take a bath,” I said. “You can never go down to the water when I’m down there. Are we clear on that?” (Anna)

“You don’t have to keep apologizing, Anna. I said it confused me. I never once said I didn’t like it.” (T.J.)

“I miss my family,” she said. “I have this daydream I play out in my mind all the time. I imagine that a plane has landed in the lagoon and you and I are right on the beach when it does. We swim out to it and the pilot can’t believe it’s us. We fly away and as soon as we find a phone, we call our families. Can you imagine what that would be like for them? Being told someone has died and having their funeral, and then they call you on the phone?” (Anna)

I stared at his broken hand and fought the urge to wash the blood off and hold it in my own. “I give up, T.J. You once said, ‘It’s easier if you don’t think they’re coming back’ and you were right. This one’s not coming back either. A plane will have to land in the lagoon for me to believe we might actually get off this island. Until then, it’s just you and me. That’s the only thing I know for sure.” (Anna)

“What did you decide about that guy, Anna?” (T.J.)

T.J. walked over and held out his hand. “Give me the brush. I’ll do it. See? I’m paying you back for shaving me.” (T.J.)

“Well anyway, Patrick Swayze played this dance instructor named Johnny Castle at a resort in the Catskills. Jennifer Grey played Baby Houseman, and she was there with her family.” Anna paused for a second and then said, “Hey, I just thought of something. Baby and her family were spending their whole summer vacation away from home, just like you.” (Anna)

T.J. ran into the water yelling, “Swim Anna, swim!” (T.J.)

He brushed the hair back from my face and smiled. “You puke a lot, too.” (T.J.)
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