Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tune In Tuesday [5]: Harry Potter Playlist

A weekly feature hosted by GReads that showcases music. Book Playlists Edition is basically whatever songs you relate to a book or an author's actual playlist.
This is obviously not the actual Harry Potter playlist that J.K Rowling wrote to, or had in mind, but this is my Harry Potter playlist. It's an odd combination, I won't deny that, but whenever I hear these songs, Harry and Hogwarts immediately comes to mind. Feels like deja vu sometimes actually!

It was back in 2009, in the summer holidays (December), when I read the entire HP series in 12 days. Yep, I had no life. Nope, I don't have one now. So as you can probably tell, I had a weird taste in music back then. I didn't like most the mainstream songs so I resorted to borrowing songs off my cousin's iPod and finding songs on TV.

I didn't choose any of these songs specifically. It just happened to be the songs I downloaded the day before I started the series. I sat down on my black sofa, right next to the bookshelf with the entire seven books by my side, and literally read for 12 days.

Right now, I'm wondering how I went from Cascada to Sarah Blasko... *sigh*

* - These songs especially remind me of HP♥
462 plays on iTunes of this song! Sucks that Swifty isn't in the music video, but have listen anyways :) 
What about you? Did you listen to any particular songs whilst reading Harry Potter?

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