Thursday, June 7, 2012

Armchair BEA: Beyond the Blog

Today's Armchair BEA topic is beyond the blog, do you monetize your blog? Have you done any freelance writing? and the answer is NO, NO, NO. I love reading, blogging and interacting with other bloggers and such but it's a hobby. A hobby that I take very seriously but I don't want to take a step beyond because then it will be called work. Which is not fun. It will make reading stressful and a job more than a passion. So I'm going to stay blogging for the fun of it (for now... maybe one day things will change ;D) But there is obviously nothing wrong with monetizing the blogging and getting the most out of it.  Its just not for me. Also I do like to write, but it it's just stuff in my head that I have to get out. Badly written stuff, haha.
So the second part of today's topic is: share an aspect of your life that's completely separate from books/blogging!
 Any what I like to do besides reading and biik blogging is make-up. It the other things I love just as much as books. I'm always on YouTube watching tutorials, I follow a lot of people on Instagram that post pictures of their amazing make-up and I try to recreate their looks and I always sit in front of my mirror practicing, practicing, practicing. I'm not good but long gone are the days when I applied my mascara on the top of my eyelashes instead of under. Now I get asked if they're falsies ;D I'm not bad would be a good way of putting it :D It would be nice to add that I like DRAMATIC make-up. I have nothing against natural make up but I absolutely adore dramatic colors and styles.

Someone will probably think, "oh wow, this girl is super insecure." but not really. I don't wear make-up all the time when I'm out. I'm not even out a lot besides going to school and I wake up so early that I'm too lazy to put anything besides blush and mascara. It comes down to the fact that:
Make-up is an art.
Sitting down and putting make up, creating looks and achieving good looks make me happy and it's super fun. It's not because I'm insecure or I want to look prettier or that I don't have any confidence, it's simple fact of me just enjoying make-up. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I also enjoying watching soccer. I'm an AC Milan until death :D

I hope I didn't bore you to death :p Thanks for stopping by!! If you leave me a link to your post, I'll make sure to stop by :D

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