Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Armchair BEA: Best of 2012

It's day two of Armchair BEA and today's topic is books Best of 2012! So here are 9 books that I absolutely loved and I know I will be rereading them many times in the future :D

On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves
I was absolutely blown away with how AMAZING On the Island is! I grew to love and care for the characters to the point where I.Could.Not.Put.The.Book.Down!! I had to see what was going to happen to Anna and T.J. next who both grow right in front of my eyes. It was a spectacular journey!

A NEW Victorian society set in the FUTURE? YES please! Zombies, GOOD zombies?! Even better! Lia Habel's imagination is out of the world!! Her writing even more so.

Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe by Shelley Coriell
I started this book thinking it was going to be a fun read and that I was going to finish it in a day. While yes, I did finish it in day and it was fun, it had SO MUCH depth! More than I could have ever imagined and I might have teared up once, even. This was the best surprise book ever :D

It's Jennifer Echols, of course this book is awesome DUUUH.  I loved how mature this book is, the main characters are going through some serious tough stuff besides your omg-she-stole-my-boyfriend drama and the witty banter between the MC's is EPIC.

Grave Mercy by Robin L. LaFevers
The romance *sigh* so swoooooony. Like extremely swooony *sigh*.

This is my most anticipated read of 2012, of course I was going to love it!! There was no room to even .00001% dislike it because it's JULIE FREAKIN' JAMES! I love ALL her books.

This book 3 of the Lucky Harbor series and before even reading it I knew it was going to be my favorite! I loved the main characters, Chloe and Sawyer,  ever since they appeared in book 1 & 2 and I was not one bit disappointed with their book. So sexy but sweet.
Molly Ringle's books are another pleasant surprise! They're both new adult so I loved the maturity of that and even better, her characters are 200% REAL. They try their best but sometimes they screw up. Molly earns the award for writing the most realistic characters I have ever read about and I absolutely adore these two books. I'm definitely going to read everything by her!
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