Saturday, October 6, 2012

Farewell from Emma

Dearest Barbies, 

I'm truly sorry to tell you this, but I'll be leaving The Book Barbies as a blogger. Now, I could give you a long ass list about why, how I don't have time, how I just simply can't juggle twenty things at once. Because I could, but reading and blogging simply just haven't been on my mind. 

The time I read a book was on Tuesday, but the time before that was three weeks ago. And I've kept procrastinating making this post, but it's not fair on you guys, and it's not fair on Racquel, that I made a commitment to this blog, but I haven't kept to it. I don't even know the last time I made a post, but I can't call myself a blogger if I don't make any posts, can I? 

And when school starts up again, when I start my job, when exams come along, when I go on fucking camp again, books won't even be on my radar, and it just sucks. 

I joined this blog thinking I could be on here for years, but I didn't even get up to my one year anniversary :'( It's been a great few months though. Thank you all for everything and I won't forget it. I'll still be on Twitter, hopefully, and I'll still check back every once in a while. 

Thank you Racquel for being the bestest co-blogger ever ♥ I love you all! 

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