Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Rating System!

I will be honest, when I see a blogger with an alternative rating system then the five star/heart/cupcake/shoe/whatever system but their rating system is STILL out of FIVE things I'm just like, "this idiot is just confusing everybody by trying to be original but failing! UGH!"

Well now, I'm about to be that idiot!

I'm switching over to the Letter Rating System. Which is:
A (5 stars) 
B (4 stars) 
C (3 stars) 
D (2 stars)
F (one star)

Why I'm I willing and admittedly becoming a hypocrite?
Well because this letter rating is just like the 5 star rating but I like it better because you could have + and -


Well we ALL know books are not perfectly 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 stars or A, B, C, D or F. Everybody (including me) gives half stars/hearts/whatever.  But with the letter system it works out better because you could have A+ or A or A- It's awkward to give a book a 3.75 star or 4.25 because that just doesn't make sense.  

Also, some people think that a 3 stars rating is bad. Not necessarily. I've given 3 stars to some of my favorites books.  Those are the "good" 3 stars or C+. I've also given 3 stars to some books that I hated. Those are the "bad" 3 stars or C- and the pretty good books that are not great or awesome are just plain 3 stars or C. Makes sense, right?

So this is not a new rating system, just an improved one!

I probably wont use the F- because that's like a ZERO, THIS BOOK WAS NOT FOR ME AT ALL!!! rating. And I'll probably won't review that book anyways. But who knows...

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