Monday, October 29, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday |9|

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Top Ten Favorite Kick-Ass Heroines
What is badass? To me, I don't care about saving the world or any of that. I don't even read that much paranormal so I don't even come across those types of "bad ass" heroines.

1. Rose from Vampire Academy
RACQUELLLL. You just said you don't like world saving heroines!!!
Still true. I love Rose because she's loyal. She stuck with Lissa through EVERYTHING but she put herself first when it came to what she had to do to Dimitri. When she loves, she loves. When she hates, get out the way. There is also the fact that she's pure badass to the core. 

2. Ellie from Morning Glory
Life has been harsh for Ellie but she never let it get to her. She put a smile on her face, made a wonderful life for her kids and when things got bad, she still pushed through it. She's a real strong woman.

3. Haven from Blue-Eyed Devil
Haven been through the shitiest of the shit in all the shitty things in life but she took life in her hands and she refused to be seen as a victim but also, this beautiful sums it all:
"Haven... part of being strong is being able to admit you need help sometimes."

4. Liberty from Sugar Daddy
Life for Liberty has not been kind either but she always tried to be optimistic for her younger sister. She's an amazing woman with a gigantic heart.
5. Julie James heroines
To me, a Norine doesn't have to go through all kinds of tragedies to prove themselves to be badasses. Look at all of Julie James's heroines who are independent, career-driven no bullshit women.

6. Evie from Devil in Winter
Evie Evie Evie. A girl who everybody thought was a shy wallflower but she is so so so much more than that. They way she stood head on to face Sebastian St. Vincent (swoon)

7. Grace from One More Summer
You know that bowl of shitty McShit that Haven has eaten from? Grace has had big taste from that same bowl. But she let nothing taint her big heart and that shows throughout the book.

8. Beatrix from Love in the Afternoon
Beatrix is so comfortable with herself, so true to her personality and just so kind. She treats everybody as an equal and I just love that.

 For shit and giggles and since it fits the occasion,

(I pretty much no this song by heart)
Thank you for stopping by :D Which kind of badass do you prefer? the realistic, always climbing women or the superhero women? 

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