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Top Ten Tuesday {15}

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Top Ten Favorite New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2012
Racquel's answer:
To call an author a favorite, I have to read at least 3 books by them if they have quite a few books out. Debut authors no longer make favorite author list because I once loved a debut (Anna and the French Kiss) and was super excited about the authors next release (Lola and the Boy Next Door) and ended up pretty much hating it. So yeah. Two or three books is a minimum now.

1) Katie Kacvinsky
The First Comes Love and Second Chance are two absolutely amazing books that EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ. Katie Kacvinsky  delivers funny, angsty and most importantly, a realistic story. I cannot recommend these two books enough.
Favorite: Second Chance 

2) Sherry Thomas
Be still my heart oh Sherry Thomas what your books do to me. I read three of Sherry Thomas's books & all 3 happen to have the married-but-estranged-for-years trope and I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH. Plus Sherry Thomas's heroes are one of a kind
Favorite: Not Quite a Husband

3) Melina Marchetta
I'm late on joining this boat but what matters is that am on it and I love it!!! Melina Marchetta is just great. There are no words for it. Her writing is beyond realistic and it cannot be topped.
Favorite: The Piper's Son

4) Molly Ringle
What Scotland Taught Me & Relatively Honest  were such a  delightful, absolutely realistic surprises that I downright adored (they both happen to be new adult and the setting is just PERFECT!) I can't wait to reread them and I can't wait for more from Molly Ringle. 
Favorite: Relatively Honest 

5) Ruthie Knox
I've been enjoying historical romance more than contemporary romance but Ruthie Knox reminds me why I love the genre because she does it so well!
Favorite: About Last Night

Sharon's answers:
6) Jill Shalvis
This lady is by far my favorite new-to-me author of 2012. If you are looking for a book that will make you laugh out loud, swoon over the hero, and sigh because your heart is so touched, Shalvis is the author for you. Not only are her books amazing, but she is just as hilarious in real life, too. (Well, on her blog. I haven't actually met her. Yet. It will happen. Someday!)

7) Shannon Stacey
Stacey is a remarkably talented author. Her contemporary voice is so refreshing, and she has the amazing ability to turn a normal trope (be it accidental pregnancy or fake-fiancé) into something extraordinary. I have been waiting to read Holiday Sparks since I discovered it this summer, so I am excited to read it in a few days!

8) Tahereh Mafi
Mafi has only written one full book and a novella. While I would normally require more than this to "officially" love an author, my love for her writing was probably cemented 5 or 6 pages into Shatter Me. Her use of the English language is simply stunning, and I cannot wait to see what plot twists await me in Unravel Me!

9) Courtney Milan
Milan is one of those names I kept seeing around the historical romance community, so I finally read Unveiled. While I liked that book, it was really the rest of the books in the series that established her among my favorites. She puts such unique twists in many of her stories, such as heroes who have bipolar disorder or are abstinence-pushing virgins. I mean, WHAT? Who else takes those kinds of risks? Any time I pick up a story by her, I know I will be blown away.

10) Julie Anne Long
Long is my most recent favorite discovery, but I pretty much went on a month-long binge where I did nothing but read her books. They are fantastic! ESPECIALLY What I Did for a Duke, the book that got me hooked on her. It has crazily amazing build-up, sexual tension, and banter. Pretty much everything you could ask for. I can't wait for the last book in the series, which will tell the story the whole series has been building up to! (also, RACQUEL recommended this book to her ;D)
So ALL of these authors ROCK! Jill Shalvis, Shannon Stacey, Courtney Milan AND Julie Anne Long are also Racquel's favorites. Seriously, they rock. If you want to give romance a try or you're a fan and haven't read them, YOU must! Thank you for stopping by!

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