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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bout of Books Challenge: Alternate Titles

Bout of Books

Welcome to one of the two challenge being hosted on the second day of Bout of Books! I hope your first day of reading went well and if not, it's only day two! You have time to catch up! Now onto the challenge:
Alternate titles: what if you had the chance to rename a book? What would you title it? You could take your mission seriously and think of a new, better fitting title or you could do a silly new title. Just pick any book you've read and give it a new title OR you could pick a book you either read or haven't read and give it a new title based on the book's cover. Just get to renaming!
Our alternate titles:

 The One With All The Swoons* By Lisa Kleypas
*Disclaimer. This does not refer to a specific Lisa Kleypas book but rather it refers to ALL her books. They all have MAJOR swoonage!


The Regency Girls Guide to the 80's: Of Tanning Lotions & Big Hair by Julie Anne Long
Just look at that piece of art of a cover! Doesn't the new title fit? (by the way, this is one of our favorite books EVER! Don't judge a book by it's cover, or it's awesome retitle ;D)

The Guardian by Richelle Mead
I don't mind Vampire Academy but some people find that title cheesy and embarrassing so The Guardian totally fits! However, the rest of the series is actually has super fitting titles.

-You have 24 hours to complete this challenge (Closes Wednesday at 12:00 am CST)
-There is no giveaway this time, sorry!
-Re-title as many titles of books you've read as you want or re-title as many titles based on the cover as you want, just have fun with it!

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