Wednesday, July 17, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Days 7-10

Day 7: My Blogging Quirks
  • I use notecards as bookmarks, so I always have a handy place to take notes on my books. I also use the fluorescent notecards, so they're pretty.
  • I am consistently behind in reviewing non-review books. I have no idea how you guys keep up! I should review them in order, but I don't. I sometimes review almost immediately after reading, and I sometimes don't review for a couple months.
  • I sometimes hate how long it takes me to churn out a review, but I have to do it all at once. Otherwise, I lose track of my thoughts.
  • I like the productive feeling of scheduling reviews, but I don't like to schedule more than a week in advance. Otherwise, I lose track of what's going up when.
Day 8: 15 Things That Appeal to Me on Blogs
  • A good layout - visually appealing but not super slow
  • A font I can actually read without eyestrain
  • Honesty
  • Wit/heart/personality. Basically, something to show me you're not a machine spitting out reviews
  • Good graphics
  • GIFs
  • Reviews that are longer than a couple hundred words
  • Interaction. Reply to me! It's so much more fun that way.
  • Reviews other than Those Few Books Everyone Else Is Reviewing Right Now
  • Good grammar. I don't mean never-end-a-sentence-with-a-preposition or never-start-a-sentence-with-a-conjunction. I am all for conversational writing in reviews, so they don't need to look like an academic paper. But I'd like to see the basic rules followed.
  • Using correct author and character names/spellings. I know no one's perfect and mistakes happen. But it drives me crazy to see reviews that refer to a character multiple times...but use the wrong name the whole time. I's not that difficult to double check and see that the character's name is Fitz, not Fritz.
  • Enthusiasm
  • Original content/features. I love getting to know the blogger behind the curtain!
  • Easy-to-find follow links
  • Book links to Goodreads

Day 9: Why I Blog About Books
Well, I used to have a blog over a Livejournal where I blogged about some RL things and lots of fandom things. Then I started posting more and more book reviews, because I discovered that I really enjoyed it. However, I really only had one or two friends who cared about books. I wanted to share my reviews with a larger audience and discuss them and flail over them. I knew that book blogs hypothetically existed, although the only one I'd been to was Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, which is in a whole other realm of the Book Blogging World. So I did a couple days of Googling and research, and I made a book blog!

I blog about books because I love them. I truly believe that reading is important. I have such a fun time in this community. Yes, I know that there is drama. Bloggers and authors sometimes do stupid things, because they're people. But overall, I truly love this community. I've discovered some true friends on here, and I love interacting with all these people who share this hobby that is such a large part of my life.

Day 10: How I Choose What Book to Read Next
I'm a big mood reader. So usually, I just pick whatever I'm in the mood for next. If I have an egalley that's about to expire or an upcoming publishing date/blog tour, obviously that takes priority. I did try something interesting for my current read, though! Jenna over at On a Book Bender posted Blind Date with a Book. I chose Book #1, she emailed me and revealed the book, and now I'm reading it! I also saw an awesome idea of a A Book Jar on Book Revels a few days ago. It's brilliant!

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