Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition {34}

Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This Week's Topic:
Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition
Racquel's Picks
01. Daria Snadowsky; Anatomy of a Boyfriend & Anatomy of a Single Girl: Snadowsky Anatomy books are honest, real and fun. Every teen needs to read these two books!  
02. Amber Lin; Giving It Up & Selling Out: this one is for the romance readers who like dark stories. Lin gives us, ya know, ACTUAL dark stories yet her writing is so so so pretty.
03. Katie Kacvinsky; First Comes Love & Second Chance: Kacvinsky's contemporaries are quick reads but full of heart. I wish more people read them because they WILL enjoy them.
04. Melissa C. Walker; Lovestruck Summer: Walker is an underdog contemporary author even though her books will appeal to all the readers who are now re-discovering contemporary.
05. Molly Ringle; What Scotland Taught Me & Relatively Honest: Ringle wrote NA before anybody knew what NA is and it makes me sad to see that while NA took off, not a lot of people have picked up Ringle's books. DO IT!  

Sharon's Picks
I am cheating a little bit and not listing anyone specific for this week's TTT. I just feel like the entire romance genre - but especially historical romance - deserves more recognition. So often, if people admit to reading romances at all, they treat the books as "guilty pleasures." (I have a whole issue with that phrase in general, but I'm not going into that right now.) This lowers the perceived value of the books themselves and thus the people who write them. I can't tell you the looks and comments I've gotten when toting around a historical romance. Yes, there's probably a buxom lady with flowing hair and a partially undone pretty dress on the cover. There may be a hero with a mullet standing alongside her. But between those pages lies a wealth of gold that so many write off because they would not deign to read "bodice rippers."

Romance authors deserve so much more recognition than they get. These people are truly talented! They can transport us to completely different time periods. They craft complex unique characters. They are able to take a trope that has been used 300 times in the past and put a fresh, original spin on it. They let us delve further into the thoughts and emotions of the characters. They write love stories with subplots revolving around family, friends, intrigue, sex, murder, betrayal, deception, and any other theme you can possibly think of. They are versatile enough to write a book that will have you clutching your sides from laughter, followed by one that will have you reaching for the tissues throughout the entire story. Romance authors are a truly talented group, and I appreciate them and the talent, skill, and dedication it takes to craft a good romance novel.

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