Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Other Book Barbie

I bet ya didn't know that there are three book barbies. Racquel. Sharon. And Donna. Donna runs all the behind scene stuffs. She makes the pretty graphics and perfects the blog's layout. She also procrastinates a lot of reviews.

 So this is Donna. She spends a lot of time in her bookshelf.

As you can see, Donna was blessed with amazing hair, fab eyes and mile long legs. But she loves reading like all of us.

Exhibit A
  Donna has a never ending TBR and despite that, she still loves buying more books.
Exhibit B
Donna loves contemporary YA and is up for any contemporary YA recs.

 Like Sharon and Racquel, Donna loves her YA but also LOVES historical romance. 
 Lisa Kleypas is her favorite author. DUH.

She read this series a million times. 

She often fights Sharon and Racquel for Hardy. Racquel usually wins ;D

 She spends a lot of time debating who she loves more. Dimitri?
Or Adrian?

Yeah she has a thing for vampires. Even this one.

Sarah Dessen is one of her favorite authors. She equally loves Wes and Owen

 She collects book boyfriends too.
The Travis men. 
Hardy Cates.
Owen Armstrong.
John After.
Mr. Darcy.
Adrian Ivashkov. Dimitri Belikov.
Wes Baker.
Alex Fuentes.
Will Herondale. Jem Carstairs.
Grayson Hall.

 And like anyone, she loves shiny book covers.

So yeah. That's a little tidbit on the third book barbie. And since I know you were wondering, Donna is named after the fabulous BAMF Donna from the TV show Suits.

I hope you liked this silly fun post and that my terrible photography skills didn't kill you. If you didn't figure it out, as always, anything pink is supposed to be Sharon. Anything purple is Racquel

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