Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Holy! I've Been Blogging For Two Years!

I had to screenshoot this from my Instagram because I lost the original pictures ):  Me and Jennifer E. Smith, A.G. Howard,  Leigh Bardugo and Lauren Morrill. 
What! Amazing, right? Jen started this blog August 27th, 2011 and I joined on September 7th (I'm just now posting this because COLLEGE.) September 7th? I just started junior year of high school (the year of horrendous physics. Ugh) and now here I am, getting through my first month of college! I'm mindblown. I'm obviously the only one who's this amazed at how fast these two years have gone and what big changes happened but they've been good!

Thanks that need to be said:
  1. Thank you Jen x100000 for starting this blog and having me on board. I probably would have never started my own blog if it wasn't for Jen and The Book Barbies. I owe you BIG.
  2. Thank you Emma for blogging with me! I <3 you.
  3. Thank you for all the blog readers, silent or commentators! It's nice knowing there is someone reading on the other side of the screen :D
  4. Thank you Sharon for putting up with me. I'm surprised you haven't blocked my number from your phone by now. *proceeds to send rant about something or another to Sharon*
  5. Thank you to everyone and anyone who talked to me here, Twitter or GR about books or whatever. This is WHY I'm here. Not really to review books but to talk books. Discuss the books I love, why I loved them or why I didn't like other books. Also to find books to read, share and get book recommendations. So THANK YOU for the conversation and interaction.
Some things this blog has helped make happen:
  • Historical romance! I only read contemporary romance but now all I read is historical romance.
  • Go to book events.
  • Learn about my reading taste. This is why I hate it when people complain about others being easy raters. UMM NO. I just know what books, authors and genres I love so that's what I stick to. I read because I love it so of course I'm going to make sure I read books I love.
  • MEET FANTASTIC PEEPS (that I won't list because too many people and I don't want to leave anyone out!)
Me getting weepy:
Jennifer L Armentrout,
her cover model, Pepe and I.
I've been blurbed in books, I've been thanked in an acknowledgment and this whole thing? It's fucking amazing, that's what it is. Here is a shocker: I love reading. When I stop and think about it, I really love the existence of the book community because it offers readers the opportunities to really take reading to a whole new level. I love soccer but my favorite team is AC Milan all the way in Italy. I enjoy watching games from my laptop; I don't get to attend games weekly and trash talk refs like I want. I love make-up but I watch other beauty gurus go to beauty cons and post reviews and buy All The Make-Up and I don't get to talk make-up all day long (I won't go into the stigma with loving make up. I must be an insecure girl who needs make up to gain little confidence. Or I'm a shallow bimbo. Or both.) But I'm really personally involved with the book world. I go to author events and chat with authors I like, I receive and send books, review books and get to talk non-stop about books. It's nice. So yeah, I'm thankful for the book blogging world and yeah some people say: so much drama!! Amazon! GR! This author said this! This author said that! The horrors! But the fucks I give about any of those issues is negative infinity so yeah, I'm happy. This might sound bad to some people but like I said? I'm here to talk books. The negatives? I make sure they don't effect me.

Me and the amazing Ally Carter (I died.)
Ok by this point I don't even know what I'm saying so I'll just conclude with: thanks Sharon! You dabomb.com I love you forever, not maybe. You're my one true blogging soul mate. You're the Wes to my Macy. The Sebastian to my Evie. The Rose to my Dimitri (heheheheehehhehehe). The Jack to my Ellie. The….. HARDY TO MY HAVEN.  Your amazingness is like putting together Lisa Kleypas' writing, Lana Del Rey's perfect voice and all the hot mens beauty and packaging it into the perfect shade of AC Milan red lipstick. i.e. Sharon, you're perfect. You're Hardy Cates level of awesome.  (This blogversar post has really turned into a love letter to Sharon.)

Ok that's it for this year! Tune in next year around this time when I share my 3rd blogversary post. Hopefully it will be more eloquent... NAH.

Some more cool authors I've met:
Top left: Gayle Forman, Marissa Meyer, Sarah J Maas, Jesse Andrews, Siobhan Vivian and Robin Mellom

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