Thursday, November 21, 2013

Catching Fire Victory Tour Press Conference

So The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Victory Tour stopped at Houston but before the fan event at the Bayou Music Center, there was a small press conference that I was invited to and I did attend and I have  the whole thing on video for you to see!

Because of the limited time, I didn't get to ask a question, however, I did sit there and stare at awe at the cast and somehow managed to film the whole thing without passing out. It was a pretty amazing experience, to say the least.

The video is pretty good quality, if I do say so myself (ha!), and be sure to watch it in HD! There is minimal shaking but sometimes there is light whispering when I whispered to Nikki who was next to me (I was asking her if this was really happening haha).

The questions asked were really good and hearing the casts' answers on who read the books before or after the movie and their reactions to being a part of a movie with such a big fan base were really interesting. Everything from the arena being set in Hawaii, to their reactions during the first day of filming was so cool and getting that peak of the behind the scenes stuff is fascinating.

The cast members that were there (from left to right in the video):
Alan Ritchson—Gloss
Jeffrey Wright—Beetee
Sam Claflin— Finnick
Stephanie Leigh Schlund— Cashmere
Jenna Malone— Johanna

Go ahead and watch!

This was a really amazing experience and  I still can't believe it happened! Seeing the cast in flesh and so up close and personal was a little unbelievable. I especially loved Sam's answers about his reaction to the fans. He really did get a lot of backlash for not being right for Finnick's role and how that inspired him to work harder to prove the fans wrong is well, inspiring in it self. Jeffrey Wright went and said that: "fans know a lot but they don't necessarily know everything." and I wanted to jump and say YES! at that part. Take Jennifer Lawrence for instance, she herself wasn't a favorite for the role of Katniss, yet people adore her now. It seems fans (myself included) always have something to say but hey, I'm not the professional director/producer/actor with the vision. But both of them really do appreciate the fans and the movie as a whole and that appreciation really shines at both this press conference and the fan event I went to after.

After meeting this group of new cast in real life, I'm now even more excited to watch Catching Fire and to see how they will be on the screen and how they're going to bring the character to life.

So after the press conference, I also went to the fan event and it was so much fun. I did skip theology class to do this whole thing and it was the best decision I ever made because I really had the best time of my life that day.  I had so much fun during the press conference and the fan event and  all of this was made even better by the Houston bloggers I was hanging out with ♥

Oh and I managed to snag a picture with Alan Ritchson who's a really nice and funny dude! He's just so great.

Also, since I know y'all are wondering, Sam Claflin is SWOONY. Swoony!
What do you think? What was your favorite answer from the press conference? Will you be watching Catching Fire when it comes out this Friday?
(Shout out to Whitney for making this happen! I'm so grateful that she invited me!)

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