Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top Ten Characters We'd Want With Us on a Deserted Island

Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This Week's Topic:
Top Ten Books Characters We'd Want With Us on a Deserted Island

Racquel's super cheating picks!

So this is a beautiful, non threatening island that's rich food and wood for building shelter (if I can have fictional characters with me, I can specify the design of the island!). I'm totally going to rule the island and here are the citizens that will fill *my* island.

My HAREM. I need to be entertained, okay? I'm talking Hardy Cates, Adrian Ivashkov, Dimitri Belikov,  Harry Pye from The Leopard Prince, Knight from *drumroll* Knight, and the Warlord from Warprize. Look at me limiting the harem.

My bad bitch club.  Renna from The Star Thief, Vera from Love, In English, Rose from Vampire Academy, Amy from Anatomy of a Boyfriend, Rylann from About That Night, Audrey and Victoria from Audrey, Wait! Beatrix from Love In the Afternoon, Winnefred from Nearly a Lady, Jess from Lord of Scoundrels. The list *can* go on. I love me so book girlfriends.

SAWYER. We all watched Lost for his dimples, his nicknames, his luscious hair, his perfect blue eyes.
Happy island fantasizing, y'all!

Sharon's Picks
01. Violet from The Countess Conspiracy to be my plant expert and tell me which are nutritious and which would cause all my skin to fall off, leading to a slow and painful death.

02. Katsa from Graceling to be fierce and totally fend off any island cannibals who try to attack us. Plus, her survival skills of awesome would obviously come in handy.

03. Harry Rutledge from Tempt Me at Twilight. While he might seem like just a wealthy hotel owner who pulled himself up by the bootstraps, Harry is also an inventor (of weapons, specifically). Definitely someone useful to have around. Plus, he could totally use that brain to invent a raft or bamboo helicopter of some sort.

04. Carter Maguire from Vision in White. I need someone around who could talk books with me! Plus, it'd be nice not to be the only incompetent one tripping over tree branches while the rest of my companions build a mecca out of sticks and tree gum.

05. Hardy Cates from Blue-Eyed Devil. Yeah, you knew this one was coming. What? He'd be handy! He's big and strong and capable of building a fence to keep out stray polar bears and whatnot. It has absolutely nothing to do with the raw sexuality. Ahem.

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