Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Racquel's Bookish Problems

Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This Week's Topic:
Top Ten Bookish Problems
Racquel's picks
01. My name is Racquel and I'm addicted to spoilers
I'm getting better and I'm definitely on the path of recovery but man, there was a point when my air was spoilers. I NEED THEM TO SURVIVE. I was a serious read-the-last-page-first, Google-the-plot worst type of spoiler seeker. Dangerous Girls is my BIGGEST accomplishment. Not spoiling that book for myself took every ounce of energy in me but I'm still not cured! My worst moment? I once stapled the last chapter of a book together just so I don't skim through it to see what happens. Yup. I told you I'm spoiler sick.

02. I'm awful at reading series
I REALLY AM! I put off reading (sequel) series until its complete and when it is? It takes me foreveeeeeer (I do mean YEARS) to pick it up to binge read. If I read a series from the beginning then I'll abandon it mid series because I hate waiting for new releases. I fail.

I need the book I read to match my mood, the weather, the day of the week, the month, the country I'm in...

04. If it takes me longer than a day to read a book, I lose interest
Being a fast reader is a blessing and a curse. Since I can get through books in a day now, if it takes me longer than that, EVEN if I'm 1000000% loving the book, I will lose interest, or I won't have any motivation to pick it up. Beginnings are my favorite and I'm always itching for a new book, new characters, new story.

The book I'm reading also needs to match the outfit I'm wearing, the time of day, the way my hair is parted, if I'm upstairs or downstairs in my house...

When I'm loving a book SO MUCH and it's so exciting to the point where I start skimming because I want to gobble it all up. Patience is not one of my virtues.

07. I'VE WAITED FOR YOU ALL MY LIFE! So just sit on myself unread
For the rare series I read, or the companion series I'm able to keep up with, or the newest book from an author I LOVE, I have countdowns on my phone because I'm so excited I could DIE. And when I get the book? I don't read it. I get scared and wait for my hype to die and for my excitement to reach a reasoanble level and the next thing you know its been two years and I still haven't read the book.

08. I'll ONLY read the first page (yeah right)
I like to test books out so I tell myself I'll only read one page but I end up skimming half the book and  never go back to ACTUALLY read it. Once again, I suck.

09. Superstitious 
The last 3 books I read were amazing therefore the next book is bound to suck so now I have to find a book to read that I don't mind hating or just wait to ride the amazing books high out or or or or you know I just won't read.

10. Mood. Freaking. Reader. 
What I'm having for lunch also needs to match the book I will decide to reader. Do I have a test/paper/presentation and will this book serve my procrastination state? I'm I in a mood to hate or love a book? Does my mood want to read adult romance, NA, or YA? Historical, contemporary, paranormal, or fantasy? Series, standalone, debut, new to me author?! ALL these have to fit whatever mood I'm in and the bajillion ludicrous unnecessary factors that control my mood. This is why I'm a sucky blogger. My mood owns me and rules me. It. Is. A. Serious. Problem. I can go days without reading JUST because I won't find a book to fit my ~mood~. Except I don't know what the mood is or what it wants. Help.

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