Thursday, September 15, 2011

Once In A Full Moon by Ellen Schreiber

Title: Once In A Full Moon
Author: Ellen Schreiber
Pages: 292
Published: December 28, 2010
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Goodreads Summary:
"Beware of a kiss under the full moon. It will change your life forever.

Celeste Parker is used to hearing scary stories about werewolves—Legend's Run is famous for them. She's used to everything in the small town until Brandon Maddox moves to Legend's Run and Celeste finds herself immediately drawn to the handsome new student. But when, after an unnerving visit with a psychic, she encounters a pack of wolves and gorgeous, enigmatic Brandon, she must discover whether his transformation is more than legend or just a trick of the shadows in the moonlight.
Her best friends may never forgive her if she gives up her perfect boyfriend, Nash, for Brandon, who's from the wrong side of town. But she can't deny her attraction or the strong pull he has on her. Brandon may be Celeste's hero, or he may be the most dangerous creature she could encounter in the woods of Legend's Run.
Psychic predictions, generations-old secrets, a town divided, and the possibility of falling in love with a hot and heroic werewolf are the perfect formula for what happens . . . once in a full moon."

            For me, this book was alright. It was kind of the all-around typical paranormal romance story. There's a new student in town, and the main character is strangely drawn to him, that type of a story. They end up together, but the new student turns out to be some supernaturnal creature. And then they have to find out how to be together without other people finding out. So if you are a real sucker for teen paranormal romances, this book is for you!
            But otherwise, this book was mundane. I found that Celeste Parker was too much of a goody-goody, and I don't know why Nash (her boyfriend, very popular) was drawn to her. And Nash was just plain annoying. He was too full of himself, and didn't really care for Celeste, even though he wanted her as a girlfriend. Celeste's friends were very unthoughtful, and I'd think they aren't very good friends at all. I liked Brandon, however. His character was very likeable.
           Schreiber was very repetitive on some cases. Such as when Celeste was with Brandon, Schreiber constantly described their moment together as,"I felt like I was in heaven". I got SO ANNOYING. It's like she couldn't find a better description or something... But I DID like Schreiber's idea of Eastsiders and Westsiders. The overall plot was okay... Dr. Meadows (a "psychic", the one who predicted Celeste's "Beware of the kiss under the full moon") was kind of a creeper. She was also a self-absorbed lady who didn't even believe her own prediction. And when Celeste finds out that Nash is the one behind all of the fake werewolf sightings, it just made me hate him even more. So there was a lot of annoying people in this book. Celeste's love for Brandon in the beginning wasn't exactly romantic for me... It was kind of more like... obsessive? I didn't like it. She was like stalking him.
           All in all, this book was okay. I have DEFINITELY read better werewolf books. I think it's enjoyable enough, however, for me to continue on with the series. I kind of want to know what happens to Celeste and Brandon!

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