Monday, November 5, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday |10|

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.
It's a freebie topic so I'm pimping out some of my FAVORITE book blogs. YAAY!
This is NO particular order.
1. Clear Eyes Full Shelves
This is my new #1 favorite blog that I visit everyday. It's run by multiple people but I especially love Sarah's posts. She's just so eloquent and can make a point better than I could EVER dream of doing.
2. Smexy Reads
I love EVERYTHING about this blog.  I trust EVERYTHING that all the reviewers have to say. It's another one that I visit everyday and I never miss a post.
3. Perpetual Page Turner and The Broke and the Bookish
Like the past two blogs, this another obsession of mine. Jamie is just so fun and kind and her posts are original ad inserting. HOW DOES SHE DO IT? Because besides her own blog, she also helps run The Broke and the Bookish. I love this lady. Looove her.
4. Romance Around the Corner
This is another romance favorite. Brie is quite awesome.
5. Anna Reads
I love Anna's Things I Like in Books. They make me oh so very happy.
6. For Love and Books
Jac loves Lisa Kleypas. So I love her. My heart is sectioned as so: Hardy Cates, AC Milan, Make-Up, Lisa Kleypas fans, and this bitch.
7. YaReads
This will FOREVER remian my favorite blog in the universe since it's the first blog I discovered. Back then I didn't even know what blogs were, or what YA even is.
8. Saz101
Sarah just puts everyone to shame. Her reviews are perfect. (Sarah from @Clear Eyes Full Shelves reviews also put everything else to shame. I guess having the name Sarah is the key to succeeding?)
9. Reading After Midnight 
Ari is my book soul mate and I just adore her, her blog, and her reviews. She's perfect.

Honorable mentions: 
So that's more than 10 but who cares? I could still go on but I'm tired. This beauty needs her sleep.

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