Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Racquel's Top Read Authors

Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This Week's Topic:
Top Ten Authors I've Read The Most Books From 
01. Her Majesty the Empress, Lisa Kleypas, 19 books
Favorite book: Blue-Eyed Devil & everything else

Bow down to the historical and contemporary empress, rocking the scene since 1987!! and writer of true rakes.

It's no secret to anyone that Lisa Kleypas is my favorite author! I talk about her books on Twitter & in real life too ALL THE TIME. I've read 19 Kleypas books and I've loved Every. Single. One. Of. Them. LOVE! Not liking them... LOVING THEM! I still have 19 books left to read by Kleypas but after binging the Wallflowers & Hathaways series, I slowed down because I want to save some LK books for the apocalypse. Or something. 

02. Richelle Mead, 12 books
Favorite book: Shadow Kissed & The Indigo Spell
Love me some vampires, forever and always, amen!!

I love me some Dimitri & Adrian Ivashkov and they're definitely ultimate book boyfriends but man I am HERE FOR ROSE HATHAWAY AND SYDNEY SAGE! I love that she has these two very different girls, one with agency and one without and we see Rose OWNS her agency while Sydney grows to reclaim her agency and it's just beautiful to read about. Rose and Sydney, forever and always.

03. Julie Anne Long, 11 books
Favorite book: What I Did For a Duke

Julie Anne Long AKA Queen of Epic Series! 

Companion family/friend series are The Thing in romance and JAL is The Queen. Her Pennyroyal Green series follows two families that hate each other and the series alternates between the Everseas and Redmonds. Every time I start a new book by her I tell myself to lower my expectations because no way this new book will beat the one before but it is always as amazing and romantic. Her writing is just so magnificent, not overly flowery, but you'll read passages over and over. There are 10 books so far in the Pennyroyal Green series are none of them are the same. Each one of them is fresh but you can expect beautiful writing, amazing characters and a beautiful romance from all of them. This is BIG for me to say because Lisa Kleypas is first and last love, but JAL's historicals rival LK's.

04. Ruthie Knox, books
Favorite book: Making it Last

Hello, sexy and honest romance books! 

Making it Last is a follow up novella to How to Misbehave, also a novella. Making it Last is set 14 years after we met and read about Amber and Tony falling in love. We're ten years into their marriage which just hit a bump and we all know marriage in trouble is my favorite thing to read about EVER. 

05. Julie James, books
Favorite book: All of them!


Julie James is the queen of this list because she's the only one on here who I've read every single one of her books! I am here for smart and sexy romance withOUT a power imbalance between the hero and heroine. Julie James' heroines are successful before the hero came to the picture and YESYESYES. Her books are also all set in Chicago (with the exception of Just the Sexiest Man Alive, set in Los Angeles) and I love this urban setting because I'm very iffy and picky when it comes to small town romance books *shudder*.

06. Sarah Dessen, books
Favorite book: The Truth About Forever & Just Listen

Go to YA contemporary.

Sarah Dessen introduced me to YA and I was in a Sarah Dessen fandom that sparked my love for writing and eventually led me to the book community after a few detours. I love her books because they're subtle, focus and family and friendship and her love interests are NICE! More of these, please!

07. Laura Florand, books
Favorite book: The Chocolate Kiss

Sweet, delicious (French!) romance.

Laura Florand's books are usually set in either in Paris or South France. She writes setting so well and will transform you there. Her writing is absolutely gorgeous, her romance always sweet and swoony and she wrote THREE marriage-in-trouble/marriage novellas so she's clearly a favorite.

08. Elizabeth Hoyt, books
Favorite book: The Leopard Prince

Harry. Pye.

So Elizabeth Hoyt excels at romance, especially forbidden ones! Even though her books always future a mystery/suspense/kidnapping sub-plot which is not something I'm a fan of in historical romance, I still love her books. I'll also be forever grateful to her for The Leopard Prince and Harry Pye and Georgina. Forever and always. A working hero, yay!

09. Sherry Thomas, books
Favorite book: Not Quite a Husband & Private Arrangements

Alpha Heroines. Married Couples.

Sherry Thomas is a rockstar who writes super smart romance books AND THE BEST COMPLEX HEROINES IN LIFE!!!! Heroines are my favorites but she also writes my other favorite thing! Marriage in trouble or good ol' married couples. Seriously, every single Sherry Thomas book speaks directly to my soul.

10. Jennifer Ashley, books
Favorite book: All of them!

Victorian Scottish Highland Heroes!

I love Scottish historical romance but most tend to be medieval and I have to take it slow with that sub-genre because a lot of the books blend together so I'm always looking for Regency or Victorian Highland books and this series DELIVERS. It's so addictive, it always leaves me in an epic book hangover when I reread. And OH HEY, did I mention this series has a lot of married couples (which I've already mention a trillion times) who are my FAVORITE!!!
So, do we have any authors in common? Have you tried any of these authors out or need a nudge?

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