Monday, August 10, 2015

Read it & Drool: The Chocolate Kiss by Laura Florand

So I love these type of posts and making graphics for books I loved. The first two I did were for Dangerous Girls, one of my all time favorite books in the universe, and last summer I did one for Boomerang by Noelle August, the perfect summer read (hey, it's summer now! Go read it.) So now I'm doing one for The Chocolate Kiss, my top favorite book and romance of the year. I've already reread it multiple times and pushed it on countless people. The ebook is usually pretty pricey but right now it's $2.51 (and $2.99 for Nook!) so perfect timing!

Without further ado, here is why you'll LOVE READING THE CHOCOLATE KISS BY LAURA FLORAND, the second book in the Amour et Chocolat.

I. It's a magical book with a sparkling romance. There are hints of magical realism in the book and it works so well and enhances the love story, the setting and the background of hot chocolate saloon and pastry shop. The writing and descriptions are outstanding and the book truly has magical feel that will warm you down to your toes.2. Philippe is a world famous pastry chef and Magalie owns a chocolate shop with her two aunts. Be prepared to salivate at the description of the delicious things Philippe makes for Magalie. You will definitely need hot chocolate nearby and macarons. I'm not a fan of macarons at all but I had to go out and try them again after reading this book in hopes of being wrapped up in book's world again.3. The Chocolate Kiss is set in Paris, specifically Île Saint-Loius, the sister island to Île de la Cité, home of the Notre Dame cathedral. While reading The Chocolate Kiss, you WILL be in Paris, on it's island in the Seine, you will be transported there and you will taste and smell Philippe's macarons and Magalie's hot chocolate. Laura Florand's writing is just that good!4. Did I mention the sparking romance? You will root and cheer for Magalie and Philippe so much. The book is extremely romantic but not like what you're expecting. Philippe falls for Magalie but she sees him as her competition. What follows is an epic romance that will make your heart flutter.Once you finish The Chocolate Kiss, with a big sparking romantic sigh, you will have plenty of Laura Florand books to binge read. I was nervous to read the next book in the series, The Chocolate Rose, but it was just as lovely, romantic and amazing and I loved it with all my heart. I was convinced that book 4, The Chocolate Touch, will not live up to these two outstanding books but it definitely did. So did book 5, The Chocolate Heart. So did a prequel novella, Turning Up the Heat. See a pattern here? I haven't picked up a Laura Florand book that hasn't wowed me and made a little place for itself in my heart. 
Finally, if you need MORE convincing than my amazing graphic *wink* and the steal price of the ebook, NPR held a reader poll early in the summary and from over 18,000 votes, they narrowed a down a list of 100 great romance novels and The Chocolate Kiss made the list! (you betcha I listed it as one of my votes!) It's up there with the romance greats & hall of famers and I'm so happy this gem  of a romance is getting recognized.

With that, I believe my job here is done. I can go on and on about my love for The Chocolate Kiss but I intended for this post to be short and sweet with the graphic only! As you can see, I mad love for Philippe and Magalie and I hope you'll love them too. Don't forget that the book is currently $2.51 at Amazon and $2.99 at B&N so run, run, run and happy reading!

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