Wednesday, February 8, 2012

THG Chapter Six: Avox

This is The Hunger Games read along hosted by Larissa @ Howling Turtle and Sharon @ Obsession With Books in celebration of the movie coming out March 23rd!
So what happens in chapter six, lovelies?

We're introduced to these forlorn beings, Avoxes. 

Avox: An Avox is a person who has been punished for rebelling against the Capitol; in other words, a traitor or a runaway. Avoxes have had their tongues cut out, rendering them unable to speak. People do not speak to Avoxes unless giving them an order. They spend their lives serving the Capitol.

Katniss carries this deep guilt with her, thinking that she could've helped the girl and saved the boy.

Truth is, she couldn't have. Not without sacrificing herself and potentially her family's lives.

So ladies (and gents), my question for you today is:

How far would you go to save another's life? 

Now I mean, a total stranger that clearly needs help and is on the brink of death (or becoming an unfortunate Avox).

Would you:
a) Jump in straight away and fight with all your life. I mean, every life is worth something. 
b) Maybe go run for some help and hope for the best? 
c) Hide, or just stand there helpless, frozen. 
d) Run away. Because, c'mon, what's a stranger to you?
e) Other?

I'm, at best, a C, I'll admit that much. But that's just me. What would you do?

And here's a lovely countdown til the movie release. I am PSYCHED!

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