Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blog Tour: Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield- Excerpt

The Hunted tour is hosted by A Novel Outing | A book tour site. Today for my tour stop, I'm giving you and excerpt- some of my favorite quotes from the book! Be to check out the other tour stops HERE!
Quotes from Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield
"It won’t always be like this, honey. Someday, we won’t have to run. Someday, we’ll have rights, just like every other citizen. Every Normal.”

"All I care about is the blessedness of almost quiet, the peace that fills me. It’s like unfolding an extra pocket of time that no one else has, time that’s woven from sunshine and cool breeze, soft grass and laughter. Time that spreads gently through me, massaging my thoughts into jelly-bliss."

"The Underground is more than just a network of Paras and Para-sympathizers. It’s more than just a route to safety. It’s an extended family. And it’s the only sane voice in the torrent of hatred that surrounds us."

"I shouldn’t take such risks, but someone has to fight back. And it feels good. Man, does it ever feel good."

"Books are your friends,” Dad used to tell me. “They allow you to hope and to dream, but they also help to strengthen your talent. Never forget that."

"But it’s his laughter that’s the best. It feels clean and pure, with no hidden malice or cruelty—just joy. I haven’t heard laughter like that in such a long time. It makes me want to laugh with him, to find the world beautiful."

“The way it feels like the world disappears, and there’s only you and the water. No noise, no clutter—just the water cradling you—” He stops, his face flushing. “There’s a kind of peace,” he adds, quickly.
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