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Epic Recs: February + March

Epic Recs is hosted by Amber and Judith and it's pretty simple and pretty epic. You pick a partner, recommend a book to them, they recommend a book to you and y'all read each other's favorites books. This feature is all about forcing your partner to read a book you love and giving them an opportunity to love it (or hate it) too while you discover (hopefully) a new favorite book yourself! This is all per month.

You can sign up through Amber & Judith and they pair you up with someone with similar reading tastes and that's why I did, because why not meet someone new?

I got paired up with Jana and I already followed her blog/Twitter/GR but this was a chance to get to know her better!

Here are our February recs!

                            My pick for Jana:                     Jana's pick for me:
Why I picked Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe for her: Jana loves Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins and I think any fan of that book would love Chloe! My first pick for her was a hit because she ended up loving it. YAAY. Here is what she had to say about it:
"[Racquel] said this book is great for fans of Lola and the Boy Next Door. I could not agree more! Chloe is a quirky fashionista just like Lola, and I think they would be great friends. I also loved the emphasis on friendship in Welcome, Caller."
"the story is about so much more than the romance. It’s about change, growing, struggling to find yourself, and friendship. I loved that the book was sweet and funny, but at the same time it tackled some heavier issues." [link]
And she picked Wanderlove for me because:
"Because you love contemporary YA, I'm recommending my very favorite one, and the one that actually made me fall in love with the contemporary romance genre. It has a perfect blend of traveling, self discovery, coming of age, and a really sweet romance! The scenery is to die for as well."
What I thought: I liked it but I had a case of "it's me, NOT you!" I really should have 10000% loved this book but it's was a tad too enlightening and inspirational for me. I'm crazy, I know! This book was on my TBR and shelf waiting to be read for months now and I blame myself for not loving it.

As for March,
    My pick for Jana:                     Jana's pick for me:

Why I picked What I Did for a Duke for her: she was in the mood for a good historical romance and What I Did for a Duke  is exactly that! It's the fifth in the series but it could be read as a standalone! Here is what she had to say about it:
Finished What I Did for a Duke last night! HOLY MOLY. So swoony! Loved it! [link]
We then had a lengthy discussion about how utterly swoon worthy this book is and it was GLORIOUS. It's official = I LOVE EPIC RECS!

Why she picked Degrees of Wrong for Me: I was in the mood for something non-contemporary and she told me this one is a sci-romance with a "feisty heroine [and] it's funny, but also a little suspenseful and romantic" so I was sold!

What I thought: reading Degrees of Wrong this was fun! The heroine is fiesty, especially at the beginning and there were a lot of funny moments! I did get bored towards the middle but I still loved all the laughs. I will definitely be picking Anna Banks' (same author but pen name) YA series now, especially since it was already on my TBR.

So far, Epic Recs has been a success and it is SOOO satisfying seeing Jana fall in love with my favorite books! I'm so excited for what's in store for us in the future months! I STRONGLY encourage to participate even if you don't want to do it *officially* because making your friends read books you love? THE BEST EVER.

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